“Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” quotes

Movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Title Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Year 1994
Director Tom Shadyac
Genre Comedy
Plot – Ace Ventura is an eccentric detective, specialized in the recovery of lost animals. His apartment looks like Noah's Ark, his car looks like it just came out from the dump and his manners and attitude are quite weird. The coach of the football team of the Dolphins, on advice from the charming manager Melissa Robinson, decides to entrust Ace Ventura with the investigation of the kidnapping of the mascot, the dolphin Snowflake, on the eve of the Super Bowl. Despite the Lieutenant Einhorm's hostile attitude, a beautiful brunette, Ace starts the investigation and finds an amber fallen from the ring of one of the kidnappers into the filter of the dolphin's pool. It comes out that the Dolphins have a ring with four identical stones embedded. By simulating a suicide, the kidnappers murder the coach of the Dolphins. Meanwhile, the investigation leads Ventura to Ray Finkle, who's guilty of denying the victory of the Dolphins in the previous Super Bowl. At the same time, the team's best player Dan Marino is kidnapped while he's shooting a commercial. Ace meets Finkle's parents and discovers that the guy has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic and that afterwards a hitchiker, called Einhorn, disappeared. Then Ace Ventura finds a way to successfully conquer the beautiful Melissa, while he rejects Einhorn's unexpected advances. Finally Ace finds the disappeared dolphin and Dan Marino, locked in a warehouse at the harbour, but he finds also Einhorn threatening to kill him. He discovers that she is actually Ray Finkle and she planned everything to take revenge on the Dolphins. Ace reveals the identity of the false Lieutenant depriving him of the clothes in front of the stunned police.
All actors – Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, Sean Young, Tone Loc, Dan Marino, Noble Willingham, Troy Evans, Raynor Scheine, Udo Kier, Frank Adonis, Tiny Ron, David Margulies, John Capodice, Judy Clayton, Bill Zuckert, Alice Drummond, Rebecca Ferratti, Mark Margolis, Antoni Corone, Margo Peace, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Henry Landivar, Florence Mistrot, Robert Ferrell, Will Knickerbocker, Gary Munch, Terry Miller, John Archie, Cristina Karman, Tom Wahl, Herbert Goldstein, Chaz Mena, Manuel L. García, Don Shula, Scott Mitchell, Peter Stoyanovich, Dwight Stephenson, Jeff Uhlenhake, Jeff Dellenbach, Marco Coleman, Kim Bokamper, Jeff Cross, Chris Barnes, Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz Jr., Jack Owen, Robert Barrett, , Bubba Baker, Vince Cecere, Robert Deacon, Greg Finley, Cassidy McMillan, Bill Pearlman, Dominic Jack Pizzo Sr., Michelle Russo, Jimmy Star, Laird Stuart
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