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August 30, 1979
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  • Anyone else would have left my father a note that would have ruined his sleep for the rest of his life. But Anne gave both of us a magnificently considerate present: she allowed us to believe her death was an accident. My father never mentions the word "suicide" to anybody - not even to me.

    Jean Seberg - Cecile
    [Tag:accident, suicide]
  • “- Philippe: I am confused. You know what I'd like to do?
    - Cecile: What?
    - Philippe: I'd like to go someplace alone with you and get very drunky-poo.
    - Cecile: Phillipe, you'll be a credit to your mother yet.”

    Geoffrey Horne - Philippe
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • “- Anne Larson: You know, I spent my honeymoon by the sea 12 years ago.
    - Cecile: Did you like it? I mean, the place?
    - Anne Larson: Yes, I liked both it and the place.”

    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • “- Cecile: Albertine! I mean Léontine! Slight maid problem. Some weird sisters rotate working for us.
    - Anne Larson: Weird? How?
    - Cecile: Every week one or the other is suddenly stricken with some odd malady. Maybe it's us.
    - Maid: Yes, Mademoiselle?
    - Cecile: Oh! Léontine...
    - Maid: Léontine has a bad liver. I am her sister, Claudine.”

    Jean Seberg - Cecile
    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Eveline Eyfel - Maid
  • “It's getting out of control. I just wish I were a lot older or a lot younger.”
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
    [Tag:age, teens]
  • “- Anne Larson: You're looking wonderfully well. I'm surprised - and pleased.
    - Cecile: Why surprised?
    - Anne Larson: Well, from Raymond's description, I thought...
    - Cecile: Oh, that was in Paris. And in Paris I was worn out from studying.”

    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • “- Anne Larson: Are you studying now?
    - Cecile: During vacation?
    - Anne Larson: Well, you're going to take your examinations again, in October?
    - Cecile: Why? Raymond never got a diploma.
    - Anne Larson: Yes, but he worked hard, made quite a bit of money.
    - Cecile: Well, if it's all gone, I'm sure they'll always be a man to take care of me. And...” (continue)
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    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • Money doesn't buy happiness. But happiness isn't everything.”
    Jean Seberg
    [Tag:happiness, money]