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September 30, 1921 in Glasgow
October 16, 2007 in Botesdale, Suffolk
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Deborah Kerr quotes
  • “- King Mongkut of Siam: You will order the finest gold chopsticks.
    - Anna Leonowens: Your Majesty, chopsticks? Don't you think knives and forks would be more suitable?
    - King Mongkut of Siam: I make mistake, the British not scientific enough to know how to use chopsticks.”

    Yul Brynner - King Mongkut of Siam
    Deborah Kerr - Anna Leonowens
    [Tag:eating, tools]
  • “- King Mongkut of Siam: A woman is designed for pleasing man that is all. A man is deigned to be pleased by many women
    - Anna Leonowens: Then how do you explain, your majesty, that many men remain faithful to one wife?
    - King Mongkut of Siam: They are sick.
    - Anna Leonowens: Oh, but you do expect women to be faithful?
    - King Mongkut of Siam:...” (continue)
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    Yul Brynner - King Mongkut of Siam
    Deborah Kerr - Anna Leonowens
    [Tag:fidelity, men, women]
  • “- Anna Leonowens: All properly dressed English ladies always wear undergarments.
    - King Mongkut of Siam: I have opinion that, in this regard, England is very backward nation.”

    Deborah Kerr - Anna Leonowens
    Yul Brynner - King Mongkut of Siam
  • “- King Mongkut of Siam: Now, shall Mr. Lincoln be winning this war he is fighting at present?
    - Anna Leonowens: No one knows really.
    - King Mongkut of Siam: Well, does he have enough guns and elephants for transporting things?
    - Anna Leonowens: I don't think they have elephants in America, your majesty.
    - King Mongkut of Siam: No elephants? No...” (continue)
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    Yul Brynner - King Mongkut of Siam
    Deborah Kerr - Anna Leonowens
    [Tag:war, winning]
  • “- Karen Holmes: Why don't you tell the truth, you just don't want the responsibility. You're probably not even in love with me.
    - Sergeant Milton Warden: You're crazy! I wish I didn't love ya; maybe I can enjoy life again.”

    Deborah Kerr - Karen Holmes
    Burt Lancaster - Sgt. Milton Warden
  • “- Anne Larson: You know, I spent my honeymoon by the sea 12 years ago.
    - Cecile: Did you like it? I mean, the place?
    - Anne Larson: Yes, I liked both it and the place.”

    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • “- Cecile: Albertine! I mean Léontine! Slight maid problem. Some weird sisters rotate working for us.
    - Anne Larson: Weird? How?
    - Cecile: Every week one or the other is suddenly stricken with some odd malady. Maybe it's us.
    - Maid: Yes, Mademoiselle?
    - Cecile: Oh! Léontine...
    - Maid: Léontine has a bad liver. I am her sister, Claudine.”

    Jean Seberg - Cecile
    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Eveline Eyfel - Maid
  • “- Anne Larson: You're looking wonderfully well. I'm surprised - and pleased.
    - Cecile: Why surprised?
    - Anne Larson: Well, from Raymond's description, I thought...
    - Cecile: Oh, that was in Paris. And in Paris I was worn out from studying.”

    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • “- Anne Larson: Are you studying now?
    - Cecile: During vacation?
    - Anne Larson: Well, you're going to take your examinations again, in October?
    - Cecile: Why? Raymond never got a diploma.
    - Anne Larson: Yes, but he worked hard, made quite a bit of money.
    - Cecile: Well, if it's all gone, I'm sure they'll always be a man to take care of me. And...” (continue)
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    Deborah Kerr - Anne Larson
    Jean Seberg - Cecile
  • “Let's not limit it to Hollywood - it's this country of yours with such friendly people - they've brought me out. Losing my shyness has made me what is laughingly called 'blossom'. ”
    Deborah Kerr
  • “German girls find scars very attractive.”
    Deborah Kerr - Johnny Cannon
    [Tag:girl, scars, seduction]