“An Innocent Man” quotes

Movie An Innocent Man
Title An Innocent Man
Year 1989
Director Peter Yates
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Mike Parnell and Danny Scalise are two unscrupulous agents of the narcotics squad in California. They manage to convict Jimmie Rainwood, a peaceful airport technician, for a crime he didn't commit. Jimmie is locked in a maximum security prison, where honest rules have no value, so he's forced to adapt himself.
All actors – Tom Selleck, F. Murray Abraham, Laila Robins, David Rasche, Richard Young, Badja Djola, Todd Graff, M.C. Gainey, Peter Van Norden, Bruce A. Young, James T. Morris, Terry Golden, Dennis Burkley, Thomas B. Kackert, Vito Peterson, Charle Landry, Tobin Bell, Scott Jaeck, Holly Fulger, Philip Baker Hall, J. Kenneth Campbell, Jim Ortlieb, Ralph O. Benton, James Staszkiel, Brian J. Williams, Maggie Baird, Alanniss Allddero, Bob Maroff, Derek Anunciation, Ben Slack, J.J. Johnston, Brian Brophy, Ben Rawnsley, Dean Hill, Gary Matanky, Jack Orend, Ernie Lively, David Rhodes Brown, Larry Brothers, Jeffrey Earl Young, Michael J. Budge, David Meligan, Dave Florek, Gary Velasco, Robert E. Nichols, Ron Collins, Becky Blinn, Joseph Carberry, Dann Florek, Doug MacHugh, Peter Adrian Owsley, Lare Roberts, John Stillpass
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