“Fearless” quotes

Movie Fearless
Peter Weir directed this movie in 1993
Title Fearless
Year 1993
Director Peter Weir
Genre Drama
Plot – On the plane to Houston, Max and his partner Jeff think about the million dollar contract they are about to sign. Carla, another passenger, dreams about the wonderful holiday she's going to spend together with her son, but the plane has an engine failure and begins to lose altitude. Max accepts the fate set aside for him., so he reassures the other passengers and when the plane crashes, he helps as many people as possible. He can't do anything for Jeff and Carla loses her son too. Three months later, both are changed: Max feels guilty for the death of his friend while Carla is fallen into a state of depression. Bill Perlman, the psychologist, thinks Max and Carla should meet.
All actors – Jeff Bridges, Isabella Rossellini, Rosie Perez, Tom Hulce, John Turturro, Benicio Del Toro, Deirdre O'Connell, John de Lancie, Spencer Vrooman, Daniel Cerny, Eve Roberts, Robin Pearson Rose, Debra Monk, Cynthia Mace, Randle Mell, Kathryn Rossetter, Craig Rovere, Doug Ballard, Molly Cleator, Rance Howard, Schylar Gholson, Trevor Gholson, Anne Kerry Ford, Michael Mulholland, Cliff Gober Jr., Sally Murphy, Steven Culp, John Towey, Stephanie Erb, Cordis Heard, Paul Ghiringhelli, Ryan Tomlinson, Eric Menyuk, Don Amendolia, Rondi Reed, Elsa Raven, William Newman, Jeanine Jackson, Don Boughton, David Carpenter, Rome Owens, Kevin Brophy, Joe Paulino, Michael Ching, Roger Hernandez, Antoinette Peragine, Ramoncita Hernández, Isabel R. Martínez, I. Rodrigo Martinez, Mel Gabel, Jama Smith, Donna Keegan, Trisha Brittenham, Linda Lee, Daryl Hemmerich, Gerald L. Kersey, Randy Danekas, Gene DeAngelis, Danielle Clegg, Joan Murphy, Shannon Ratigan, Adelaide M. Wolf, Loyd Catlett, Rebecca Hardt, Suzanne Q. Burdeau, Maria J. Rockwell, Richard Blum, Ashley Cemo, Norman Fessler, Lisbeth Rasmussen, Ken Mofhitz, James E. Flannigan, Lavina Wilkerson, Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc, Michael Tamburro, Brian Danker, Ryal Haakenson, Marshal Hilton, Matthew Parrott, Ron Roggé
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