“Goodbye Lover” quotes

Movie Goodbye Lover
Roland Joffé directed this movie in 1998
Title Goodbye Lover
Year 1998
Director Roland Joffé
Genre Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Sandra Dunmore has been married to Jake for a long time, but she has also been in a relationship with Ben, her husband's brother. Jake and Ben work in the same advertising company, but while Ben is successful Jake has a very unstable character, which has been debilitated by alcohol. Jake discovers that his wife has a lover and asks his brother for help. When he learns the truth, Jake calls Ben while he is in the company of the secretary, Peggy. Ben goes to Jake's home and is killed there. Jake and Sandra tell the police that it was a coincidence. Peggy reveals that Ben was her husband. Sandra and Jake had concocted a plan to get hold of Ben's insurance and now they decide to kill Peggy, who is Ben's direct heir. Sandra thinks it is better to have her killed in the same way as that used by the serial killer who is terrorizing the area, so she hires Mike. Jake secretly goes to Mike to tell him to kill Sandra instead. However, she understands the plan and when she sees Jake and Peggy together on a motorbike, she runs them off the road and they die. Jake and Peggy were married in Las Vegas. Rita, the agent in charge of the investigation, understands the plan and now blackmails Sandra for half of the insurance money. When Mike arrives to kill Sandra, Rita intervenes and shoots him. A year later, Sandra signs to share half the money. Rita, who has resigned from the police, drives away with Sandra, both rich and happy.
All actors – Patricia Arquette, Dermot Mulroney, Mary-Louise Parker, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray McKinnon, Alex Rocco, Don Johnson, Andre Gregory, John Neville, JoNell Kennedy, Akane Nelson, Kevin Cooney
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