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Movie The Mission
Roland Joffé directed this movie in 1986
Title The Mission
Year 1986
Director Roland Joffé
Genre Drama, History, Adventure
Plot – Between 1608 and 1767 the famous "holy experiment" took place in a wide land wedged between the Parana and Uruguay rivers. Some brave Jesuits, armed only with their indomitable faith and extensive knowledge, attempted to evangelize the Guarany tribes and protect them from the humiliation and looting carried out by the Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, which had divided these territories. In the mission stations – centers among forests and impressive rivers created by the members of the Society of Jesus - the natives learned to work and live together peacefully in a community system extremely abnormal for the times. However, the mission stations where not appreciated either by the Spanish or by the Portuguese that saw this system as the end of their lucrative hoarding and cheap labor trade. Then, when Ferdinand VI of Spain gave a large part of the territories to the Portuguese, the attacks from the Europeans multiplied, until they became an authentic genocide. Pope Clement XIII's mediation brought the following conclusion: the order had to leave the mission stations, otherwise they would be expelled not only from South America, but also from the two European countries.
All actors – Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Ray McAnally, Aidan Quinn, Cherie Lunghi, Ronald Pickup, Chuck Low, Liam Neeson, Bercelio Moya, Sigifredo Ismare, Asuncion Ontiveros, Alejandrino Moya, Daniel Berrigan, Rolf Gray, Álvaro Guerrero, Tony Lawn, Joe Daly, Carlos Duplat, Rafael Camerano, Monirak Sisowath, Silvestre Chiripua, Luis Carlos Gonzalez, Maria Teresa Ripoll, , Alberto Borja, Jacques Des Grottes, Enrique Lamas, Fred Melamed, Antonio Segovia, Harlan Venner
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