“Into the West” quotes

Movie Into the West
Mike Newell directed this movie in 1992
Title Into the West
Year 1992
Director Mike Newell
Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy
All actors – Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ciarán Fitzgerald, Rúaidhrí Conroy, David Kelly, Johnny Murphy, Colm Meaney, John Kavanagh, Brendan Gleeson, Jim Norton, Anita Reeves, Ray McBride
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  • “- Ossie: I don't want to grow up.
    - Tito: Why?
    - Ossie: I don't want to get old like O'Sheen.
    - Tito: What?
    - Ossie: I don't want to turn into dust.”

    Ciarán Fitzgerald - Ossie
    Rúaidhrí Conroy - Tito
    [Tag:fear, growth, old age]
  • “- Ossie: What did the princess look like?
    - Grandfather: Close your eyes. Now do you see a beautiful woman?
    - Ossie: Yea.
    - Grandfather: Well, that's her. That's the beautiful princess.”

    Ciarán Fitzgerald - Ossie
    David Kelly - Grandfather
  • “- Ossie: Was the Old Wild West in Ireland?
    - Papa Reilly: There still is. On the other side of the mountains.
    - Ossie: Were the travellers the Indians?
    - Papa Reilly: No. We're the cowboys.”

    Ciarán Fitzgerald - Ossie
    Gabriel Byrne - Papa Reilly
    [Tag:conquest, ireland]
  • “- Tito: We can't go to jail.
    - Ossie: Why not?
    - Tito: We're much too young. We can go to a home, though.
    - Ossie: We have a home, Tito.
    - Tito: I know, but this is a home where they don't letcha out.
    - Ossie: That's a jail.”

    Rúaidhrí Conroy - Tito
    Ciarán Fitzgerald - Ossie
    [Tag:freedom, home, prison]
  • “There's a bit of a traveler in everybody, Tito. But very few of us know where we're goin'.”
    Gabriel Byrne - Papa Reilly
  • “Why did she die on my birthday?”

    Ciarán Fitzgerald - Ossie
    [Tag:birth, death, mother]
  • “When you through a stone in a lake, it's not happy 'til it hits the bottom. Make sure he doesn't drag us all down with him.”
    Tony Rohr - Traveller
    [Tag:failure, risk]
  • “- Tito: Why are you talkin' to the horse?
    - Ossie: Why not?”

    Rúaidhrí Conroy - Tito
    Ciarán Fitzgerald - Ossie