“Jingle All the Way” quotes

Movie Jingle All the Way
Title Jingle All the Way
Year 1996
Director Brian Levant
Genre Comedy, Family
Plot – Christmas is approaching and all parents are looking for a gift for their children, but Howard Langston forgets the task, being too busy with his job and skipping completely his son Jamie's ceremony for the karate awards. Howard really loves his wife and son but cannot balance work and family and his absence at important moments is mistaken for disinterest. In an effort to make his family understand him, Howard promises Jamie to give him Turbo Man, a popular mechanical robot. On Christmas' Eve the robot is sold out in every shop and thus begins a frantic hunt for the last Turbo Man, so Howard has to deal with postman Myron, who's in his same situation. Increasingly desperate, Howard goes through incredible adventures and relies on some bandits, then he's chased by the police and has to face his neighbor Ted, who's courting his wife Liz. At Christmas' parade, Howard disguises himself as Turbo Man: after performing a series of amazing stunts, he presents to his son with the robot he promised before. Jamie is finally happy for the surprise and forgets every Howard's broken promise and lives his awaited and peaceful Christmas.
All actors – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Rita Wilson, Robert Conrad, Martin Mull, Jake Lloyd, Jim Belushi, E.J. De la Pena, Laraine Newman, Justin Chapman, Harvey Korman
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