“Mystery Train” quotes

Movie Mystery Train
Jim Jarmusch directed this movie in 1989
Title Mystery Train
Year 1989
Director Jim Jarmusch
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – In this movie three stories take place simultaneously in Memphis during the same day. 'Far from Yokohama' - A young Japanese couple comes to town to visit the legendary places of Elvis Presley. They rent a room in the seedy Hotel Arcade and after the tour of the city they hear the song 'Blue Moon' playing and then a gunshot from the next room. They prepare to leave for Japan as if nothing has happened. 'A ghost' - Luisa is a young Italian widow and a weird man tells her he's been commissioned by Elvis Presley's ghost to deliver her a comb. Luisa takes refuge in the Hotel Arcade where Presley's ghost appears to her as she cannot sleep. The next morning she hears the song 'Blue Moon' then the shot. 'Lost in Space' - Johnny is afflicted for the loss of his job and the one of his girlfriend Dee Dee. He thinks to commit suicide and grabs a gun. Before, he gets drunk with his friends Charlie and Bill, then he robs a liquor store and wounds the owner, so the three friends take refuge at the Hotel Arcade. They hear the song 'Blue Moon' and then have a fight. Charlie is accidentally wounded by a gunshot. While the three guys flee, Dee Dee and the Japanese couple are traveling on the nearby train.
All actors – Masatoshi Nagase, Yûki Kudô, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Cinqué Lee, Rufus Thomas, Jodie Markell, William Hoch, Pat Hoch, Joshua Elvis Hoch, Reginald Freeman, Beverly Prye, Nicoletta Braschi, Elizabeth Bracco, Sy Richardson, Tom Noonan, Stephen Jones, Lowell Roberts, Sara Driver, Richard Boes, Darryl Daniel, Calvin Brown, Jim Stark, Elan Yaari, Joe Strummer, Rick Aviles, Steve Buscemi, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Royale Johnson, Winston Hoffman, Rockets Redglare, Marvell Thomas, Charles Ponder, D'Army Bailey, Tom Waits
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  • “- Night Clerk: Well, what about on Jupiter?
    - Bellboy: At the time of his death, if he were on Jupiter, Elvis would've weighed six-hundred and forty-eight pounds.
    - Night Clerk: Six-hundred and forty-eight. Damn.”

    Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Night Clerk
    Cinqué Lee - Bellboy
    [Tag:age, planets]
  • “- Jun: [after making love] Mitzuko... do women always worry about their hairstyle?
    - Mitzuko: What are you talking about? In all the times we've made love - and this is number 11 - I've never once thought about my hairstyle!
    - Jun: Eleven?
    - Mitzuko: And if that's what you're thinking, try shaving first next time.”

    Masatoshi Nagase - Jun
    Yûki Kudô - Mitsuko
    [Tag:hair, women]
  • “- Mitzuko: Jun, why do you only take pictures of the rooms we stay in and never what we see outside while we travel?
    - Jun: Those other things are in my memory. The hotel rooms and the airports are the things I'll forget.”

    Yûki Kudô - Mitsuko
    Masatoshi Nagase - Jun
  • - Johnny aka Elvis: Don't call me Elvis! If you can't use my proper name, why don't you try "Carl Perkins, Jr." or something? I mean, I don't call them "Sam & Dave", do I?
    - Pool Player 1: Hey, man. My name is Dave.

    Joe Strummer - Johnny aka Elvis
    Marvell Thomas - Pool Player 1
    [Tag:name, nickname]
  • “You know, Memphis does look like Yokohama. Just more space. If you took away sixty percent of the buildings in Yokohama, it would look like this.”

    Masatoshi Nagase - Jun
    [Tag:america, japan]
  • “[Mitzuko and Jun hear a loud noise outside]
    - Mitzuko: Was that a gun?
    - Jun: Probably. This is America.”

    Yûki Kudô - Mitsuko
    Masatoshi Nagase - Jun
    [Tag:america, weapons]
  • “- Newsvendor: What can I do you for?
    - Luisa: I would like to buy this newspaper.
    - Newsvendor: Well now, you should buy this one here as well. The Tri-State Defender.
    - Luisa: No, thank you. I think I need only this one.
    - Newsvendor: Well, you know, you only need one leg to get around on if that's all you got. But it sure helps having two, now...” (continue)
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    Sy Richardson - Newsvendor
    Nicoletta Braschi - Luisa
  • “- Mitzuko: Jun... why do you always have such a sad face? Are you unhappy?
    - Jun: I'm very happy. That's just the way my face is.”

    Yûki Kudô - Mitsuko
    Masatoshi Nagase - Jun