“Down by Law” quotes

Movie Down by Law
Jim Jarmusch directed this movie in 1986
Title Down by Law
Year 1986
Director Jim Jarmusch
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – Zack and Jack are involved in many criminal activities and get arrested. In prison they meet Bob, who knows a secret way to escape and shortly after they find themselves wandering through woods and swamps, until they realize they've lost themselves. They spend the night in a lonely inn. The next day Zack and Jack leave, while Bob gets a job in the inn.
All actors – Tom Waits, John Lurie, Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Ellen Barkin, Billie Neal, Rockets Redglare, Vernel Bagneris, Timothea, L.C. Drane, Joy N. Houck Jr., Carrie Lindsoe, Ralph Joseph, Richard Boes, Dave Petitjean, Adam Cohen, Alan Kleinberg, Archie Sampier, David Dahlgren, Alex Miller, Eliott Keener, Jay Hilliard, , Pruitt Taylor Vince
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