“Return of the Secaucus 7” quotes

Movie Return of the Secaucus 7
Title Return of the Secaucus 7
Original title Return of the Secaucus Seven
Year 1979
Director John Sayles
Genre Drama
All actors – Bruce MacDonald, Maggie Renzi, Adam LeFevre, Maggie Cousineau, Gordon Clapp, Jean Passanante, Karen Trott, Mark Arnott, David Strathairn, John Sayles, Marisa Smith, Amy Schewel
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  • “My problem is the repetitiveness. Y'know... wine, women, and whiteline fever, over and over. Whereas, progressive is existential. You got these chromatic melodies, right? To use for, like, a springboard into all kinds of experiments. Even the backbeat is full of nuances. You know that there's a central rhythmic idea going on, but you're never...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Mark Arnott - Jeff
    [Tag:admiration, music]
  • “- J.T.: What kind of music do you like?
    - Lee: Oh, progressive rock mostly.
    - J.T.: Which is that?
    - Lee: Oh, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Rush...
    - J.T.: Right, right. Heavy metal goes to college.”

    Adam LeFevre - J.T.
    Nancy Mette - Lee
    [Tag:music, musicians]
  • “- Frances Carlson: You know, I can't imagine you guys teaching. I mean, is it the same old stuff we got?
    - Mike Donnelly: Well, I start the year with the Boston Police Strike.
    - Irene Rosenblue: They let you teach that?
    - Mike Donnelly: They let you teach just about anything, so long as you keep the students from knifing each other.”

    Maggie Cousineau - Frances
    Bruce MacDonald - Mike
    Jean Passanante - Irene
    [Tag:police, teaching]
  • “- Chip Hollister: We didn't shoot the deer. We don't even have a gun! They think we shot the deer.
    - J.T.: How do you know it was shot, Mr. Hollister? No one said anything about a shooting.
    - Mike Donnelly: It might've been knifed.
    - J.T.: Or bludgeoned to death.
    - Mike Donnelly: Or strangled with a silk stocking.
    - J.T.: Or slowly poisoned.”

    Gordon Clapp - Chip
    Adam LeFevre - J.T.
    Bruce MacDonald - Mike
    [Tag:animals, killing]
  • “- Lee: With country, it's like you're being told a story that you've heard before. But with progressive, it's like you're going into unknown territory. Exactly.
    - Amy: Are you in music, too?
    - Jeff Andrews: Drugs.”

    Nancy Mette - Lee
    Betsy Julia Robinson - Amy
    Mark Arnott - Jeff
    [Tag:drugs, music]
  • “- J.T.: Coach says that you and Miss Sipriano are, uh, getting it on. Is that right, Mr. Donnelly?
    - Mike Donnelly: Coach has a filthy, reactionary mind, J. T. Don't listen to him.”

    Adam LeFevre - J.T.
    Bruce MacDonald - Mike
    [Tag:gossip, scorn]
  • “- J.T.: Coach says that you got socialistic tendencies. Is that right, Mr. Donnelly?
    - Mike Donnelly: Coach is a running dog imperialist, J. T. Don't listen to him.”

    Adam LeFevre - J.T.
    Bruce MacDonald - Mike
    [Tag:scorn, socialism]
  • “- J.T.: We're in for, uh... What do you call deer murder?
    - Jeff Andrews: Bambicide.
    - J.T.: Right. Bambicide, right. And conspiracy to deprive a furry woodland creature of its civil rights.”

    Adam LeFevre - J.T.
    Mark Arnott - Jeff
  • “- Katie Sipriano: You guys are much too well-behaved. High school isn't what it used to be.
    - Mike Donnelly: Yeah, it's mostly discipline. No matter how jazzed up and relevant I try to make the history, I'm still dealing with a roomfull of teenage libido.”

    Maggie Renzi - Katie
    Bruce MacDonald - Mike
  • “- Norman: Drunk. Second time this week. Drunk.
    - Jeff Andrews: Is that a crime?
    - Norman: Tourist season, it is. Rest of the year you can lay out on the sidewalks for all they care.”

    Brian Johnson - Norman
    Mark Arnott - Jeff
  • “- Chip Hollister: I'm Chip Hollister.
    - Ron Desjardins: Pleased to meet you.
    - Chip Hollister: You're...? Ron?
    - Ron Desjardins: Very good. Last name's Desjardins, but, uh, I gotta have another tit to fit it all.”

    Gordon Clapp - Chip
    David Strathairn - Ron
  • “What's a little reunion without a little drama?”
    Karen Trott - Maura
    [Tag:meeting, problems]