“Eight Men Out” quotes

Movie Eight Men Out
Title Eight Men Out
Year 1988
Director John Sayles
Genre Drama, History, Sport
Plot – Chicago, 1919. 'The Sox' is the unbeatable local baseball team whose team owner is Charles Comoskey. He's so stingy that the salary is very low and players are bribed easily. Traffickers and opponents manage to threaten the 'Sox' to lose the championship to let win Cincinnati 'Reds' team. The two most valuable players - Buck Weaver and Joe Jackson - play without making any mistakes, but their teammates don't, playing a lazy and dirty game. Every game is rigged, so two journalists provoke a scandal and the players end up in court accused for criminal association conspiracy. Comoskey obtains their absolution, but the event leads to accurate and impartial investigations in the sport world. A magistrate is appointed as the baseball Commissioner and decides any player who will be involved in future in similar cases of corruption will be banned from professional baseball forever.
All actors – John Cusack, Clifton James, Michael Lerner, Christopher Lloyd, John Mahoney, Charlie Sheen, David Strathairn, D.B. Sweeney, Michael Rooker, Don Harvey, James Read, Perry Lang
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  • “You get out there, and the stands are full and everybody's cheerin'. It's like everybody in the world come to see you. And inside of that there's the players, they're yakkin' it up. The pitcher throws and you look for that pill... suddenly there's nothing else in the ballpark but you and it.”

    John Cusack - George "Buck" Weaver
    [Tag:baseball, feeling]
  • “Everybody's got their own way of letting off steam, Ring. It's what you do on the field that counts.”
    Bill Irwin - Eddie Collins
    [Tag:baseball, stress]
  • “Regardless of the verdict of juries... no player who throws a ball game... no player who undertakes, or promises to throw a game... no player who sits in conference with a bunch of crooked players and gamblers where the ways and means of throwing a ball game are discussed, and does not promptly tell his club about it... will never play...” (continue)(continue reading)
    John Anderson - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  • - Hired Killer: You're gonna lose tomorrow.
    - Claude "Lefty" Williams: Oh, is that so?
    - Hired Killer: I know it for a fact. That your wife?
    - Claude "Lefty" Williams: Yeah, what's it to you?
    - Hired Killer: You don't lose tomorrow, she dies.

    Danton Stone - Hired Killer
    James Read - Claude "Lefty" Williams
  • “- Alfred Austrian: Their names may not sound familiar, but I'd say that these men are the Ty Cobb, the Tris Speaker, and the Zack Wheat of the legal world.
    - Buck Weaver: Who's the Babe Ruth?
    - Alfred Austrian: That's me.”

    Michael Laskin - Alfred Austrian
    John Cusack - George "Buck" Weaver
    [Tag:baseball, lawyers]
  • - Charles "Commie" Comiskey: We feel that we need a commissioner who will clean up baseball and give a new face to the sport. We're prepared to grant you certain powers...
    - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis: Absolute powers.
    - Charles "Commie" Comiskey: Absolute powers?
    - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis: Won't work any other way. People won't believe... (continue)
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    Clifton James - Charles "Commie" Comiskey
    John Anderson - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  • - Joseph "Shoeless Joe" Jackson: Big whop now. Big whop, Betsy; you tell me when.
    - Fred McMullin: Does it ever answer you, Joe?
    - Claude "Lefty" Williams: Probably sleeps with it, too.

    D.B. Sweeney - Joseph "Shoeless Joe" Jackson
    Perry Lang - Fred McMullin
    James Read - Claude "Lefty" Williams
  • “I always figured it was talent made a man big, you know, if I was the best at something. I mean, we're the guys they come to see. Without us, there ain't a ballgame. Yeah, but look at who's holding the money and look at who's facing a jail cell. Talent don't mean nothing. And where's Comiskey and Sullivan, Attell, Rothstein? Out in the back room...” (continue)(continue reading)

    David Strathairn - Eddie Cicotte
  • - Charles "Commie" Comiskey: Well we're prepared to give you a 5 yearcontract...
    - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis: Lifetimecontract.
    - Judge Friend: Lifetime?
    - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis: A man worried about his job is bound to play favorites. Now you gentlemen don't want that do you?

    Clifton James - Charles "Commie" Comiskey
    John Anderson - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis
    Dick Cusack - Judge Friend
    [Tag:job, worry]
  • “People are human.”
    John Mahoney - William "Kid" Gleason
  • - Arnold "Chick" Gandil: You go back to Boston and turn seventy grand at the drop of a hat? I find that hard to believe.
    - Joseph 'Sport' Sullivan: You say you can find seven men on the best club that ever took the field willin' to throw the World Series? I find that hard to believe.
    - Arnold "Chick" Gandil: You never played for Charlie Comiskey.

    Michael Rooker - Arnold "Chick" Gandil
    Kevin Tighe - Joseph "Sport" Sullivan
  • - Joseph "Sport" Sullivan: Look at those hands, ladies. You should have been a pug, Chickie.
    - Arnold "Chick" Gandil: I did some fighting in my time. Once I was fighting a guy, my eyes were all bloody but I landed a lucky punch. The next thing I know I'm steppin' on something and it's the other guy's teeth. The referee raised my hand and someone... (continue)
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    Kevin Tighe - Joseph "Sport" Sullivan
    Michael Rooker - Arnold "Chick" Gandil
  • - George "Buck" Weaver: How do I look?
    - Helen Weaver: You look just fine.
    - George "Buck" Weaver: I look like a future jailbird.

    John Cusack - George "Buck" Weaver
    Barbara Garrick - Helen Weaver
  • - "Sleepy" Bill Burns: Eddie's gettin' too old for this. I know what it's like. You walk out there with your arm hangin.
    - Billy Maharg: You couldn't pitch when you was young, Burnsie.
    - "Sleepy" Bill Burns: Eddie's the key. If we don't get him, we can forget about it.

    Chris Lloyd - "Sleepy" Bill Burns
    Richard Edson - Billy Maharg
  • - Joseph "Sport" Sullivan: You know what you feed a dray horse in the morning if you want a day's work out of him?
    - Jimmy: What?
    - Joseph "Sport" Sullivan: Just enough so he knows he's hungry.

    Kevin Tighe - Joseph "Sport" Sullivan
    Philip Murphy - Jimmy
  • “I may be dumb, fellas, but I ain't stupid.”
    Charlie Sheen - Oscar "Hap" Felsch
  • - Billy Maharg: He's gonna knock his brain out doin' that!
    - "Sleepy" Bill Burns: What brain? Shoeless Joe is ignorant; Hap Felsch is just dumb.

    Richard Edson - Billy Maharg
    Chris Lloyd - "Sleepy" Bill Burns