“The Butcher Boy” quotes

Movie The Butcher Boy
Neil Jordan directed this movie in 1997
Title The Butcher Boy
Year 1997
Director Neil Jordan
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Francie is twelve and works as a butcher boy in Brady, a small Irish county. He's young but serious and his character protects him from the ugliness of the adult world.
All actors – Eamonn Owens, Sean McGinley, Peter Gowen, Alan Boyle, Andrew Fullerton, Fiona Shaw, Aisling O'Sullivan, Stephen Rea, John Kavanagh, Rosaleen Linehan, Anita Reeves, Gina Moxley
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  • “There's only one place for aliens. And that's underneath the rotten cabbages in the brock heap.”
    Stephen Rea - Narrator
    [Tag:alien, diversity]
  • That's the garage for you. Bogmen at Mass thinking they're at a football match. And that's when I say: "Whatever it takes, Francie Brady's getting out of this garage for pigs".

    Stephen Rea - Narrator
    [Tag:disease, hospital]
  • “- Da Brady: I loved you like no father ever loved a son, Francie.
    - Narrator: It was hard for him to say it. I could barely hear him. It would have been better if he drew out and hit me.”

    Stephen Rea - Da Brady
    Stephen Rea - Narrator
  • “They put Francie Brady in the garage for bad bastards and gave him a new job making baskets. And after he'd made a million trillion baskets they said they'd let him out again.”
    Stephen Rea - Narrator
  • “- Our Lady: God loves every one of us, Francie. But you know something, Francie? He has a very special place in his heart for you.
    - Adult Francie Brady: Oh no, missus, you'll have to stop this appearing and disappearing crack or they'll put me back in there.”

    Sinéad O'Connor - Our Lady
    Stephen Rea - Adult Francie Brady
    [Tag:god, madness, saints]
  • - Francie Brady: You can do one bad thing, can't you, Joe? You can do one bad thing. That doesn't mean for the rest of your life everyone's going to say, "He did it! It's him! He did the bad thing!".
    - Joe Purcell: No. And even if they did, what we'd say is that we don't care, we're too busy.

    Eamonn Owens - Francie Brady
    Alan Boyle - Joe Purcell
  • “From now on I was gonna be good. And if anyone was looking for Francie the Bad Bastard, they wouldn't find him. Because he was busy gettig the Francie-Not-a-Bad-Bastard-Anymore diploma.”

    Stephen Rea - Narrator
  • Imagine it, Joe, a priest wanting you to wear bonnets. I said, "No, Father. No bonnets. Not until you fork out the chocolates". Man, Joe, you should've seen the face on him.
    Eamonn Owens - Francie Brady
  • “- Francie Brady: Do you think they'll hang me?
    - Policeman: I'm afraid there's no more hanging.
    - Francie Brady: Sergeant, what's this world coming to?”

    Eamonn Owens - Francie Brady
    Ronan Wilmot - Policeman
  • “House, you are a disgrace! I have so much tidying up to do, I don't know where to start.”
    Eamonn Owens - Francie Brady