“The Principal” quotes

Movie The Principal
Title The Principal
Year 1987
Director Christopher Cain
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Interpreted by
Plot – Professor Rick Latimer, still jealous of his ex-wife, gets into trouble for almost completely destroying the car of his rival and is punished by his superiors with a "promotion": he is sent to be the principal at a high school in the suburbs, sadly known throughout the district to be the haunt of young thugs. Not even the police want to enter this institute. Teachers are too scared to assert themselves and the dilapidated appearance of the premises contributes to the overall impression of squalor. Latimer, however, faces the situation with courage because he wants to eliminate violence in the school that he has been entrusted with, to bring peace and discipline but, above all, to prove to himself that he is capable of something positive. He is not intimidated by the two rival gangs, which are made up of young offenders who are vying for power with no holds barred: one led by young black Victor Duncan and the other one by white kid Zac. Both gangs try to intimidate the principal, attacking him wildly and threatening him with death. Latimer is alone in the struggle, apart from the help given to him by the black security guard Jake Phillips, a former champion. It is an unnerving and fierce war, but when Hilary Orozco, a young black teacher, is brutally attacked and barely saved from being raped on her own desk, many students begin to change their mind about the thugs who they had previously considered leaders. After a bitter struggle in which he is helped by Jake and a shy boy, Latimer manages to defeat and hand over to the police evil Victor, who attempted to kill him. Now all the students are with the principal and there is hope for a better future in this agitated school.
All actors – James Belushi, Louis Gossett Jr., Rae Dawn Chong, Michael Wright, J.J. Cohen, Esai Morales, Troy Winbush, Jacob Vargas, Thomas Ryan, Reggie Johnson, Kelly Jo Minter, Ruth Beckford, Julian Brooks, Joan Valderrama, Rick Hamilton, Marty Pistone, Richard Dupell, Peter Fitzsimmons, Joe Flood, Annabel Armour, Tony Haney, Sharon Thomas Cain, Daniel Royal, Delores Mitchell, Zoltan Gray, John Allen Vick, Sean Michael Allen, Yuri Lane, Steve Birger, Gus Dimas, Leo Downey, Tom Winston, Kathryn Knotts, Marshall Jones, Josh Wood, Mark Anger, Frank Deese, J.J. Johnston, Doug White, Wat Takeshita, Elliott S. Valderrama, Joel Valentin, Jessica Wilson, Kaprice Wilson, Bridgette Rodriguez, Tom Bryant, Danny Kovacs, Charmaine Anderson, Terry Coleman, Melissa Lee Holloman, Luis Zuno, Nemon Wade, Eural Wills, James Edward Griffin, David Williams, Melanie G. Muters, Linda Trowbridge, Danny Williams, Bill Yarbrough
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