“The Wedding Date” quotes

Movie The Wedding Date
Title The Wedding Date
Year 2005
Director Clare Kilner
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Kat Ellis flies to London to participate to her step-sister Amy's wedding. The occasion would be happier if she hadn't to meet her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey, one of the best men, who left her without explanations a couple of years before. In addition, she has no one to go to the wedding with, so Kat decides to hire Nick, a handsome and charismatic professional companion. To the wedding, Nick reveals himself a witty observer of the human nature and becomes the groom's best friend, the bride's consultant, the ideal son-in-law and the most desired man by all the guests. Kat is fascinated by him too and what has started as a "borrowed love" could end instead as a chance to reach happiness.
All actors – Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams, Jack Davenport, Sarah Parish, Jeremy Sheffield, Peter Egan, Holland Taylor, Jolyon James, C. Gerod Harris, Martin Barrett, Jay Simon, Danielle Lewis, Ivana Horvat, Linda Dobell, Helen Lindsay, Lucy Bermingham, John Sackville, George Asprey, Alan Wills, Nick Miers, David Nobbs, Steve Hall, Dave Brown, Colin Staplehurst, Patrick Guihen, Michael McCarthy, Anthony Blackman, Adrian Walker, Ivan Johnson, Anna Sands, Jens La Barre, Brian Lesseat, Alice Brickwood, , Stephen Lobo, Lisa-Marie Long, Kerry Shale
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