“Ticks” quotes

Movie Ticks
Title Ticks
Year 1993
Director Tony Randel
Genre Horror, Sci-Fi
All actors – Rosalind Allen, Ami Dolenz, Seth Green, Virginya Keehne, Ray Oriel, Alfonso Ribeiro, Peter Scolari, Dina Dayrit, Michael Medeiros, Barry Lynch, Clint Howard, Rance Howard
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  • “- Tyler: Got a match or something?
    - Panic: Yeah. Hold on.
    - Tyler: My grandfather told me this. They're too tough to squash.”

    Seth Green - Tyler Burns
    Alfonso Ribeiro - Darrel 'Panic' Lumley
    [Tag:fire, insects, killing]
  • “They call me Panic 'cause I never do. How about you?”

    Alfonso Ribeiro - Darrel 'Panic' Lumley
    [Tag:fear, name]
  • “- Tyler: Melissa got attacked by some big bug or something. Can we go home?
    - Charles Danson: Well, we are out in the wilderness.
    - Tyler: I know, but this wasn't your average wilderness bug, okay?”

    Seth Green - Tyler Burns
    Peter Scolari - Charles Danson
  • “Adults. Don't believe a word they say.”

    Virginya Keehne - Melissa Danson
    [Tag:lies, maturity]
  • “- Rome Hernandez: This is it. This place looks worse than the projects.
    - Dee Dee Davenport: Definitely not cable-ready.
    - Melissa Danson: Wait till you check out the toilette, princess.”

    Ray Oriel - Rome Hernandez
    Ami Dolenz - Dee Dee Davenport
    Virginya Keehne - Melissa Danson
  • “- Holly Lambert: Bugs don't attack unless they're aggravated.
    - Tyler: Great. Classic story. The adults not believing the kids. Thanks.
    - Panic: I should've brought a piece, man. This place ain't safe.”

    Rosalind Allen - Holly Lambert
    Seth Green - Tyler Burns
    Alfonso Ribeiro - Darrel 'Panic' Lumley
  • “- Tyler: Did you ever kill anybody?
    - Panic: What kind of a question is that?
    - Tyler: A pretty direct one.”

    Seth Green - Tyler Burns
    Alfonso Ribeiro - Darrel 'Panic' Lumley
  • “- Panic: I've killed about as many dudes as you've boned chicks. You make the call.
    - Tyler: That many? Wow.”

    Alfonso Ribeiro - Darrel 'Panic' Lumley
    Seth Green - Tyler Burns
    [Tag:killing, sex]
  • “I hate this place. I mean, everybody says coming out to nature is supposed to be a poetic and inspiring experience, right? What is so inspiring about bugs and insects and snakes and creatures of the night making all that racket? It's suffocating and it's vile, and it's full of rot.”
    Virginya Keehne - Melissa Danson
  • “People, please refrain from further stupidity. You're wasting my bullets.”

    Barry Lynch - Sir