“Uptown Girls” quotes

Movie Uptown Girls
Title Uptown Girls
Year 2003
Director Boaz Yakin
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Molly is the daughter of a rock'n'roll legend and she spends her life wandering from party to party until one day she finds herself penniless, swindled by her accountant. Ray is a very rich nine-year-old girl who has been forced to grow up quickly by the golden loneliness in which she lives. No babysitter can stand her. Ray's mother, always too busy to understand her daughter's real needs, thinks it is a good idea to take Molly as a baby sitter and so solve everyone's problems. Thus, the adventures of the two begin. Together they will have to solve many issues: Ray must stop wanting to control everything to appease her insecurity, while Molly must dominate her temper tantrums and realize she needs to start thinking differently, or better yet, should start thinking. Meanwhile, this unlikely pair is struggling with New York, Ray's father's death and Molly's unhappy love life. The two girls discover that friends are sometimes found where least expected.
All actors – Brittany Murphy, Dakota Fanning, Marley Shelton, Donald Faison, Jesse Spencer, Austin Pendleton, Heather Locklear, Will Toale, Marceline Hugot, Pell James, Quddus, Russell Steinberg, Fisher Stevens, Susanna Frazer, Wynter Kullman, Amy Korb, Geraldine Bartlett, Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, Peter James Kelsch, Edmund Genest, Greg Baglia, Angelina Hong, Rocco Musacchia, Edward Hibbert, David Wells, Ramsey Faragallah, Tania Deighton, Tom Reilly, Reed Birney, Polly Adams, Laurine Towler, Martin Shakar, Valentina McKenzie, Wayne Gurman, Susan Willis, A.D. Miles, Maria Finglas, Philip Levy, Anthony J. Ribustello, Brian Friedman, Nas, Carmen Electra, Duncan Sheik, Dana Klein, Samantha Toohey, Jeremy Petardi, Ilia Jessica Castro, D. Foster, Michelle Hammar, Kerrin Hubbard, Stephanie Landwehr, Jennifer Leigh Schwerer, Ojela Burkhard, Emily Cardea, Stephanie Carlisle, Lara-Michelle Georgi, Kara Gibson, Lauren Jenkins, Lindsey Laggan, Karen Lam, Christa Sousa, Vania Sousa, Flora Wildes, Madeleine Armstrong, Nicholas J. Coleman, Tony Devon, Bill Kotsatos, Alex McCord, Melisa McGregor, Andrew Saxe, Michael Urie
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