• “- Don Birnam: Do you ever lay in your bed looking at the window? A little daylight's coming through and you start to wonder. Is it getting lighter? Is it getting darker? Is it dawn or is it dusk? That's a terrifying problem, Nat. Because, if its dawn, you're dead! The bars are closed. The liquor stores aren't open until nine o'clock and you can't last until nine o'clock! Or, it may be Sunday. That's the worst. No liquor stores at all and you guys wouldn't open a bar until one o'clock. Why? Why, Nat?
    - Nat: Because we got to go to church once in a while, that's why.
    - Don Birnam: Yeah. When a guy needs it most!”

    Ray Milland - Don Birnam
    Howard Da Silva - Nat
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11/2/19 at 12:01 AM
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