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3/9/15 at 6:52 AM
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  • “If I go on to win at Indianapolis, I can go to college, maybe even get a job at Cape Canaveral. There's nothing here for me. The town is dying! The mine is dying! Everybody here knows that but you!”

    Jake Gyllenhaal - Homer Hickam
    [Tag:future, hope, leaving]
  • “- Bob: Okay Ruth, I'll give you a few days, then you've got to come back for the kids. Where can I reach you?
    - Ruth Patchett: I'm not coming back, Bob, they'll have a much better life here with you.
    - Bob: Wait a minute, Ruth, where're you going?
    - Ruth Patchett: I don't know, Bob, into my future I guess.”

    Ed Begley Jr. - Bob
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
    [Tag:future, leaving]
  • “- Maria’s mom: You must live, Maria. You must move forward. There is no future here.
    - Maria’s dad: And so, from now on, we speak in the language of your future.”

    Nina Kunzendorf - Therese Bloch-Bauer
    Allan Corduner - Gustav Bloch-Bauer
  • “- Chris: I'm never gonna get out of this town. Am I, Gordie?
    - Gordie: You can do anything you want, man.
    - Chris: Yeah, sure. Give me some skin.
    - Gordie: I'll see ya.
    - Chris: Not if I see you first.”

    River Phoenix - Chris Chambers
    Wil Wheaton - Gordie Lachance
    [Tag:future, leaving]
  • - HAL 9000: There is a message for you.
    - Dr. Heywood Floyd: Who's calling?
    - HAL 9000: There is no identification.
    - Dr. Heywood Floyd: What's the message?
    - HAL 9000: Message as follows: "It is dangerous to remain here. You must leave within two days".

    Douglas Rain - HAL 9000
    Roy Scheider - Dr. Heywood Floyd
    [Tag:danger, leaving]