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Roseanne Barr quotes
  • “- Bob: Okay Ruth, I'll give you a few days, then you've got to come back for the kids. Where can I reach you?
    - Ruth Patchett: I'm not coming back, Bob, they'll have a much better life here with you.
    - Bob: Wait a minute, Ruth, where're you going?
    - Ruth Patchett: I don't know, Bob, into my future I guess.”

    Ed Begley Jr. - Bob
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
    [Tag:future, leaving]
  • “I would have to get used to being alone now. It's not easy for a mother to be separated from her children. I'll bet Mary Fisher's mother feels the same way. Maybe I can help old Mrs. Fisher get reacquainted with her daughter. But first, I would need a new name.”
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • “Once upon a time, I had a home on the range. But not anymore. It's no use cryin' over spilled milk.”
    Roseanne Barr - Maggie
  • “You are a mature and vibrant woman, and don't you let anybody tell you anything different.”

    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • “- Hooper: What is going on here?
    - Ruth Patchett: Oh, isn't it wonderful?
    - Hooper: I know what you've been doing! The vitamins, the workouts, it's against the rules! I'm going to report you to Mrs. Trumper and then you'll be sorry.
    - Ruth Patchett: Oh I don't think so, I have been sorry my whole life and by the looks of it, so have you, so you...” (continue)
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    Linda Hunt - Hooper
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • “Some women are born beautiful. They make it look easy. But most women have to put a little time and effort into their appearance, and then there are those of us who need all the help we can get, like me.”
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett