“She-Devil” quotes

Movie She-Devil
Title She-Devil
Year 1989
Director Susan Seidelman
Genre Comedy
Plot – Ruth Patchett is a forty-year-old inept and portly housewife who leads a dull life in a New York suburb. She's married to Bob, an ambitious accountant, and she's the mother of Andy and Nicolette. At a reception, Ruth clumsily spills her cocktail on Mary Fisher's dress, a charming woman. Bob drives Mary home and the two spend the night together. As Ruth learns about the betrayal, she enacts diabolical initiatives setting fire to her house and bringing her children at Fisher's. Then Ruth is hired as assistant in a nursing home but she changes the therapeutic methods of the patient, until she abandons the clinic along with Hooper, a dwarf nurse. Always full of fertile ideas, Ruth opens with her new friend a start-up office for alone and repressed women and she gains a lot of success.
All actors – Meryl Streep, Roseanne Barr, Ed Begley Jr., Linda Hunt, Sylvia Miles, Elisebeth Peters, Bryan Larkin, A Martinez, Maria Pitillo, Mary Louise Wilson, Susan Willis, Jack Gilpin
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  • “- Mary Fisher: What's the matter with your clothes?
    - Nicolette: You did the laundry.”

    Meryl Streep - Mary Fisher
    Elisebeth Peters - Nicolette Patchett
    [Tag:clothes, colors]
  • “- Bob: Okay Ruth, I'll give you a few days, then you've got to come back for the kids. Where can I reach you?
    - Ruth Patchett: I'm not coming back, Bob, they'll have a much better life here with you.
    - Bob: Wait a minute, Ruth, where're you going?
    - Ruth Patchett: I don't know, Bob, into my future I guess.”

    Ed Begley Jr. - Bob
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
    [Tag:future, leaving]
  • “You give men what they want, and then they don't want it anymore.”
    Maria Pitillo - Olivia Honey
  • “I would have to get used to being alone now. It's not easy for a mother to be separated from her children. I'll bet Mary Fisher's mother feels the same way. Maybe I can help old Mrs. Fisher get reacquainted with her daughter. But first, I would need a new name.”
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • “- Mary Fisher: Ute, where are you going?
    - Ute: I took this job because I only had to cook and clean for one person and one dog. Then I get the mother, the lover, his kids and their dog. Miss Fisher, up with this bullshit I will not put. I quit!”

    Meryl Streep - Mary Fisher
    Susan Willis - Ute
    [Tag:job, layoff, working]
  • - Paula: I hate to say "I told you so"...
    - Mary Fisher: But you just did, didn't you?

    Doris Belack - Paula
    Meryl Streep - Mary Fisher
  • “You are a mature and vibrant woman, and don't you let anybody tell you anything different.”

    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • “- Hooper: What is going on here?
    - Ruth Patchett: Oh, isn't it wonderful?
    - Hooper: I know what you've been doing! The vitamins, the workouts, it's against the rules! I'm going to report you to Mrs. Trumper and then you'll be sorry.
    - Ruth Patchett: Oh I don't think so, I have been sorry my whole life and by the looks of it, so have you, so you...” (continue)
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    Linda Hunt - Hooper
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • - 'People' Reporter: So, are you saying she was... promiscuous?
    - Mrs. Fisher: "Promiscuous"? She was a teen-aged tramp; she couldn't get enough! She would do it anywhere, anytime, and with anyone! She got knocked up when she was sixteen.
    - 'People' Reporter: Knocked up?
    - Mrs. Fisher: Well, she couldn't take care of it! Had to give that cute... (continue)
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    Deborah Rush - People' Reporter
    Sylvia Miles - Mrs. Fisher
    [Tag:family, pregnancy, sex]
  • “Some women are born beautiful. They make it look easy. But most women have to put a little time and effort into their appearance, and then there are those of us who need all the help we can get, like me.”
    Roseanne Barr - Ruth Patchett
  • “I'm taking back control of my life, Bob! As long as you're all under my roof things will be done my way, starting now!”
    Meryl Streep - Mary Fisher
    [Tag:commanding, rules]