• “- Matt Brody: So, Dave had access to Leeds' server.
    - Ronnie Greenbaum: Her server? You mean her network.
    - Matt Brody: Yeah, her network, that's what I meant. Okay, so we just take a flash drive, and we plug it in, you know, get in to her cloud, and then steal all her cookies, right, and then we're straight through the firewall.
    - Ronnie Greenbaum: Okay, literally none of what you said made any sense.
    - Matt Brody: Straight over the firewall.
    - Ronnie Greenbaum: It's not, like, a physical thing you do.”

    Zac Efron - Matt Brody
    Jon Bass - Ronnie Greenbaum
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4/8/18 at 5:17 PM
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