• “- Sundog: Take it easy, kid, take it easy. You have a lot of potential for a rookie, but damn you're ragged.
    - Constable Alvin Adams: What do you mean - ragged?
    - Sundog: Look, if you're in a do-or-die contest for big stakes, you let the other guy get a head start on you. Take small swigs and hold your breath, huh? Then it looks like you're getting ahead. When you see it's starting to circulate on him, then its time to bust it down. Then you're past him and then you pray to the good Lord that you get out of the place before you fall flat on your ass.”

    Sundog explains the secret to winning drinking contests

    Carl Weathers - Sundog
    Andrew Stevens - Alvin
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3/14/19 at 1:13 AM
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