• “- Zeke: Now that shit is pitiful. I dunno how in the fuck a nigga like that gets some money anyway. This is the dumbest shit - look at this muthafucka. Look like a muthafuckin' ostrich. Look at that shit...
    - Caroline Brown: If you hate it so much, why dontcha just turn it off?
    - Zeke: Turn it off? Are you kiddin' baby? Took me three years to pay for that muthafucka. We gon' watch everything they show on it. All the shit they show. Even the snow when the muthafucka go off, I'm gonna sit here and watch that.”

    while watching "The Jeffersons"

    Richard Pryor - Zeke
    Chip Fields - Caroline Brown
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4/26/10 at 1:23 PM
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