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Matthew Rhys quotes
  • “- New York Times Reporter: If the Times had your report, we would print it, tomorrow.
    - Daniel Jones: No. If it's gonna come out, it's gonna come out the right way.”

    Matthew Rhys - New York Times Reporter
    Adam Driver - Daniel Jones
    [Tag:journalism, news]
  • “I've suffered from an identity crisis my entire life. It's why I went into acting.”
    Matthew Rhys
  • “I definitely want to go back to the theatre. It is hard work, it is repetitive, but it is intensely rewarding.”
    Matthew Rhys
    [Tag: theater]
  • “There's such a unique humour in Wales that I just love and miss in Los Angeles.”
    Matthew Rhys
  • “- Lloyd Vogel: What's it like to be famous?
    - Fred Rogers: Fame is a four-letter word. What matters is what we do with it.”

    Matthew Rhys - Lloyd Vogel
    Tom Hanks - Fred Rogers
  • “- Fred Rogers: We are trying to give the world positive ways of dealing with their feelings.
    - Lloyd Vogel: Yeah, like what?
    - Fred Rogers: There are many things you can do. You can play all the lowest keys on a piano at the same time.”

    Tom Hanks - Fred Rogers
    Matthew Rhys - Lloyd Vogel
  • “- Daniel Ellsberg: Wouldn't you go to prison to stop this war?
    - Ben Bagdikian: Theoretically, sure.”

    Matthew Rhys - Daniel Ellsberg
    Bob Odenkirk - Ben Bagdikian
    [Tag:fighting, peace, war]
  • “Someone said this at some point about why we stayed when we knew we were losing. Ten percent was to help the South Vietnamese. Twenty percent was to hold back the Commies. Seventy percent was to avoid the humiliation of an American defeat. Seventy percent of those boys just to avoid being humiliated? That stuck with me.”
    Matthew Rhys - Daniel Ellsberg
  • “- Daniel Ellsberg: If the public ever saw these papers they would turn against the war. Covert ops, guaranteed debt, rigged elections? It's all in there. Ike, Kennedy, Johnson... they violated the Geneva Convention. They lied to Congress and they lied to the public. They knew we couldn't win and still sent boys to die.
    - Ben Bagdikian: What...” (continue)
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    Matthew Rhys - Daniel Ellsberg
    Bob Odenkirk - Ben Bagdikian