“Big Business” quotes

Movie Big Business
Title Big Business
Year 1988
Director Jim Abrahams
Genre Comedy
Plot – At 'Jupiter Hollow' hospital two baby girls have received the same name and are exchanged in the cradle by a clumsy nurse. They belong to two sets of twins, one born in the wealthy Shelton family and the other one belongs to the Ratliff's, a family of farmers. Later on, the Shelton sisters live in New York and one of them is an idealist, while the other girl runs the family's finance company. On the other hand, the Ratliff sisters are managers of their own furniture factory. The four girls will meet in New York City to prevent Shelton company to close Ratliff's factory. The girls exchange their roles again, with numerous misunderstandings in which their partners will get involved too.
All actors – Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Fred Ward, Edward Herrmann, Michele Placido, Daniel Gerroll, Barry Primus, Michael Gross, Deborah Rush, Nicolas Coster, Patricia Gaul, J.C. Quinn
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