“Halloween II” quotes

Movie Halloween II
Title Halloween II
Year 1981
Director Rick Rosenthal
Genre Horror
Interpreted by
Plot – In this sequel, we see firstly Dr. Loomis shooting Michael, but the killer heals easily and restarts his murders throughout the Illinois town during Halloween, when many guys and children wear a mask. During the hunt the police accidentally kills an innocent guy, meanwhile Michael is actually chasing his sister Lauriel, now hospitalized in a clinic. The killer eliminates everyone he meets, until Dr. Loomis causes an explosion which kills Michael and saves Lauriel.
All actors – Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, Jeffrey Kramer, Lance Guest, Pamela Susan Shoop, Hunter von Leer, Dick Warlock, Leo Rossi, Gloria Gifford, Tawny Moyer, Ana Alicia
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  • “We're all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.”

    Donald Pleasence - Loomis
  • “- Karen: Budd, you are the biggest jerk I have ever met.
    - Budd: But you love me...
    - Karen: Yeah, and I'm an idiot.”

    Pamela Susan Shoop - Karen
    Leo Rossi - Budd
    [Tag:insult, love]
  • “He was my patient for fifteen years. He became an obsession with me until I realized that there was nothing within him, neither conscious nor reason that was... even remotely human. An hourago I stood up and fired six shots into him and then he just got up and walked away. I am talking about the real possibility that he is still out there!”

    Donald Pleasence - Loomis
  • “- Marion: Dr. Loomis, this thing is all over the state! The patient escapes once, murders three teenagers; you shoot him with a gun, he escapes again.
    - Sam Loomis: Someone should've listened to me earlier.
    - Marion: I know. I'm sorry. Dr. Rogers is just afraid this could jeopardize our whole rehabilitation program. He doesn't want anyone from...” (continue)
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    Nancy Stephens - Marion
    Donald Pleasence - Loomis
    [Tag:escape, murder]
  • “- Leigh Brackett: What have you done?
    - Sam Loomis: I haven't done anything.
    - Leigh Brackett: You let him out!
    - Sam Loomis: I didn't let him out. I gave orders for him to be restrained.”

    Charles Cyphers - Leigh Brackett
    Donald Pleasence - Sam Loomis
    [Tag:escape, faults]
  • “- Leigh Brackett: You know, Doctor, I'm just about there.
    - Sam Loomis: What?
    - Leigh Brackett: The point where I stop taking orders from you.”

    Charles Cyphers - Leigh Brackett
    Donald Pleasence - Loomis
  • “Jimmy, rule number one, never get involved with a patient. Nurses, that's another story. But patient is no good, it never works out.”

    Leo Rossi - Budd
    [Tag:job, rules]
  • “- Sam Loomis: I'm sorry I left you. Are you all right?
    - Laurie Strode: Why won't he die?”

    Donald Pleasence - Loomis
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Laurie Strode
  • “- Sam Loomis: If that wasn't Michael Myers burning up in that car, then a lot of other kids are going to be slaughtered tonight.
    - Gary Hunt: He's dead. You saw it.
    - Sam Loomis: I saw a man in a mask.
    - Gary Hunt: It was him.
    - Sam Loomis: I want to believe you, but I have to be sure. I can't stop until I'm certain that he's dead.”

    Donald Pleasence - Loomis
    Hunter von Leer - Gary Hunt
    [Tag:death, doubt, murder]
  • “I shot him six times! I shot him in the heart, but... he's not human!”

    Donald Pleasence - Loomis