“Hot Rod” quotes

Movie Hot Rod
Title Hot Rod
Year 2007
Director Akiva Schaffer
Genre Comedy
Plot – Rod Kimble wants to become a famous stuntman to prove his stepfather Frank he's brave and capable. To fulfill his wish, Rod trains constantly but his attempts are always a disaster, then Frank becomes seriously ill and to raise the money for the operation, Rod organizes an acrobatic show.
All actors – Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Isla Fisher, Sissy Spacek, Ian McShane, Will Arnett, Chris Parnell, Chester Tam, Mark Acheson, Brittany Tiplady
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  • “I used to be legit. I was too legit to quit. But now I'm not legit. I'm unlegit. And for that reason, I must quit.”
    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    [Tag:end, legality]
  • “Life is pain - we've got to scrape the joy from it every chance we get.”
    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    [Tag:carpe diem, life, pain]
  • “- Rod Kimble: I was gonna ask you who you think would win in a fight between... a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco.
    - Denise: Is that what you were really going to ask me?
    - Rod Kimble: Of course.”

    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    Isla Fisher - Denise
  • “I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I was having those dreams again. Ya know, how it's just me in a castle and I gotta fight, like, a thousand wizards and the only way to beat them is to punch them as hard as I can in their faces. Then, when I'm done, all their little wizardwives came out and wanted me to have sex with them - which is kinda...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Danny McBride - Rico
  • “I'm freakin pumped! I've been drinking green tea all goddamn day!”
    Danny McBride - Rico
    [Tag:awakening, tea]
  • “- Rod Kimble: All great men have mustaches!
    - Frank Powell: Yeah, but real men actually grow them!
    - Rod Kimble: You know I have a hormone disorder!”

    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    Ian McShane - Frank Powell
    [Tag:body, problems]
  • “- Rod Kimble: You look pretty.
    - Denise: What?
    - Rod Kimble: I said you look shitty.”

    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    Isla Fisher - Denise
  • “- Rod Kimble: Hey, everybody! I got some awesome news. We have a new crew member today, Denise. So I thought it would be fun if we all went around and said our name and a little something about ourselves. I'll start. My name is Rod, and I like to party. All right, Dave, you're up.
    - Dave: Uh, hi. Uh, my name is Dave, and uh... I like to party.
    -...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    Bill Hader - Dave
  • “- Furious Boss: You're a terrible stuntman.
    - Rod Kimble: What?
    - Furious Boss: You're a terrible stuntman.
    - Rod Kimble: What?
    - Furious Boss: You're a terrible stuntman!
    - Rod Kimble: I'm just kidding. I could hear you. It was just really mean.”

    Alvin Sanders - Furious Boss
    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
    [Tag:bothering, insult]
  • “You're wrong, Frank. I'm not a kid, I'm a man. I am gonna get you better, and then I'm gonna beat you to death!”
    Andy Samberg - Rod Kimble
  • “God I go to church every goddamn Sunday! You gonna bring the demons out of me!”
    Danny McBride - Rico
    [Tag:faith, god, wishes]