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Movie Nell
Michael Apted directed this movie in 1994
Title Nell
Year 1994
Director Michael Apted
Genre Drama
Plot – Nell has grown in the woods of North Carolina and speaks a language made of sounds. Jerome Lovell, the medical officer of the nearest village, finds her when she's already 30. Psychologist Paula Olsen is determined to steal her to the wild life, while the doctor wants to protect Nell from civilization. A judge decides they have to spend with her three months to observe her lifestyle, so they both settle in the woods. Nell's mysterious and fascinating gestures intrigue them and they are deeply touched by her innocence and simplicity. Jerome protects her and Paula grows fond to her subject of study.
All actors – Jodie Foster, Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson, Richard Libertini, Nick Searcy, Robin Mullins, Jeremy Davies, O'Neal Compton, Heather M. Bomba, Marianne E. Bomba, Sean Bridgers, Joe Inscoe, Stephanie Dawn Wood, Mary Lynn Riner, Lucile McIntyre, Al Wiggins, Beth Bostic, Rob Buren III, Chris T. Hill, Tim Mehaffey, Dana Stevens, Nicole Adair, Robin Rochelle, Susan Correll Hickerson, Marlon Jackson, Danny Millsaps
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