“Moll Flanders” quotes

Movie Moll Flanders
Title Moll Flanders
Year 1996
Director Pen Densham
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Young Flora lives in an orphanage in 18th century in London. One day a stranger called Hibbie arrives at the orphanage. He claims to have met her mother and that he has come to take her away to the other side of the ocean to the house of a wealthy benefactor. During the long journey, first by carriage and then by ship, Hibbie reads Flora the story of Moll Flanders - her mother - a woman known for her rebellious nature and her daring ways. Starting from her birth in Newgate Prison, Moll faces a life of great difficulty until she is welcomed into the home of an elderly benefactor, Mrs. Mazzawatti, and from there she is led to another house, this time a bordello, owned by the ambitious Miss Allworthy. Passing from one customer to another, Moll hopes to exploit her charm to become important, but every time power fades away and she gives in to alcohol. Then one day an artist notices her, engages her as a model, the two fall in love and, despite the opposition of his rich parents, they get married. However, suddenly her husband falls ill and dies and, shortly after, Moll gives birth to a girl, who she names Flora. Moll falls back under the control of Miss Allworthy, who is going to the New World, where she has come into possession of an extensive land concession. Young Flora remains in London against Moll's will, but the faithful Hibbie today has completed his task, bringing the daughter back to her mother.
All actors – Robin Wright, Morgan Freeman, Stockard Channing, John Lynch, Brenda Fricker, Geraldine James, Aisling Corcoran, Jim Sheridan, Jeremy Brett, Britta Smith, Cathy Murphy, Emma McIvor
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