“My Dog Skip” quotes

Movie My Dog Skip
Title My Dog Skip
Year 2000
Director Jay Russell
Genre Drama, Sport, Family
Plot – Willie celebrates his nine-year-old birthday and receives many gifts, among which there's a little dog too. The boy calls him Skip, but his father disagrees and takes away the animal. Willie is sad but his mother Helen takes Skip back so they both grow up together and their friendship faces the most important moments of Willie's life. As a teenager, Willie plays in a baseball team. When he argues with Skip and beats him, the dog runs away and injures itself. Then Willie goes to university and Skip waits for him at home.
All actors – Frankie Muniz, Diane Lane, Luke Wilson, Kevin Bacon, Bradley Coryell, Daylan Honeycutt, Cody Linley, Caitlin Wachs, Peter Crombie, Clint Howard, Mark Beech, Susan Carol Davis
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  • “- Willie Morris: Does it ever itch or hurt, like it's still there?
    - Jack Morris: Yes, it hurts.
    - Willie Morris: But they gave you a medal for it, didn't they?
    - Jack Morris: I'd rather have the leg.”

    Frankie Muniz - Willie Morris
    Kevin Bacon - Jack Morris
    [Tag:pain, reward, war]
  • “Why in childhood and youth do we wish time to pass so quickly, we want to grow up so fast, yet as adults we wish just the opposite?”
    Harry Connick Jr. - Narrator
  • “- Dink: Mr. Morris. You got a purple heart. I got a yellow stripe. You can trust me. They don't forget about cowards.
    - Jack Morris: Well, folks like to keep things small, Dink. Fit you into one pocket or the other. Give a man a label, and you never really need to get to know him.”

    Luke Wilson - Dink
    Kevin Bacon - Jack Morris
  • “Like all dogs, Skip was colorblind. He made friends easily with people of all races and origins. The town was segregated back then, but as we know, dogs are a whole lot smarter than people.”
    Harry Connick Jr. - Narrator
    [Tag:dogs, friends, racism]
  • “- Jack Morris: You know I.C.? Colored fellow at the service station?
    - Ellen Morris: Sure.
    - Jack Morris: His son came back from Europe today.
    - Ellen Morris: Wonderful.
    - Jack Morris: In a box.”

    Kevin Bacon - Jack Morris
    Diane Lane - Ellen Morris
    [Tag:death, return, son]
  • “When I got back from Spain, I got into accounting. I figured I could hide behind a desk. I looked down, and I didn't so much as look up for a whole year. When I finally did, people weren't staring at me anymore. I guess they kind of forgot about it.”

    Kevin Bacon - Jack Morris
  • I received a transatlantic call one day. "Skip died", daddy said. He and my mama wrapped him in my baseball jacket. "They buried him out under our elm tree", they said. That wasn't totally true. For he really lay buried in my heart.
    Harry Connick Jr. - Narrator
    [Tag:death, heart, loss]
  • “My son, he looks up to you, Dink. Not because you can run or throw a ball. You're his hero because you're his friend. And that's what he needs. A friend.”
    Kevin Bacon - Jack Morris
    [Tag:friendship, need, son]
  • “In my life I find that memories of the spirit linger and sweeten long after memories of the brain have faded.”
    Harry Connick Jr. - Narrator
    [Tag:brain, memory, soul]