“Never Cry Wolf” quotes

Movie Never Cry Wolf
Title Never Cry Wolf
Year 1983
Director Carroll Ballard
Genre Drama, Adventure
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Plot – Biologist Tyler Farley is sent for six months to North Canada to study the white wolves, accused to hunt caribou herds. Landed with food and equipment, Tyler begins his work, planting his tent near the den of a family of white wolves. The atmosphere is icy and the Canadian tundra is endless. The biologist learns to survive but also to respect and to love the wolves, discovering the caribous are decimated by reckless and greedy hunters.
All actors – Charles Martin Smith, Brian Dennehy, Zachary Ittimangnaq, Samson Jorah, Hugh Webster, Martha Ittimangnaq, Tom Dahlgren, Walker Stuart
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  • “They'll come after you, son. Just for the ugly fun of tearing you apart.”

    Hugh Webster - Drunk
  • “- Tyler: What's wrong?
    - Rosie: Boredom, Tyler. Boredom - that's what's wrong. And how do you beat boredom, Tyler?... Adventure. Adventure, Tyler.”

    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler
    Brian Dennehy - Rosie
  • “I believe the wolves went off to a wild and distant place somewhere, although I don't really know... because I turned away, and didn't watch them go.”
    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler
    [Tag:animals, leaving]
  • “I'll let you in on a little secret, Tyler: the gold's not in the ground. The gold's not anywhere up here. The real gold is south of 60 - sittin' in livin' rooms, stuck facin' the boob tube, bored to death. Bored to death, Tyler.”
    Brian Dennehy - Rosie
    [Tag:boredom, gold]
  • “- Mike: To me a wolf means money. It's a way of making a living. One wolf pelt is about $350 dollars. And I've got to feed my family; my children. Buy a snowmobile; food, rifle, bullets whatever.
    - Tyler: You wouldn't ah... you wouldn't kill these wolves?
    - Mike: These ones... no. No I don't think so. Besides you would get mad if I killed one of...” (continue)
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    Samson Jorah - Mike
    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler
  • “It opened the way to an old - and very naïve - childhood fantasy of mine: to go off into the wilderness, and test myself against all the dangerous things lurking there. And to find that basic animal that I secretly hoped was hidden somewhere inside myself. I imagined, at that point, I'd become a new man, with a strength and courage I'd never...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler
  • The only plane in Nootsak belonged to a part-time bush pilot, gambler, and real estate tycoon named Rosie Little. While we were negotiating our deal, he introduced me to this drink that he'd invented. Known locally as "Moose Juice", it consisted of equal parts Moose Brand Beer and ethyl alcohol. Before I knew it, my old fear of flying evaporated... (continue)(continue reading)
    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler
    [Tag:drinking, fear]
  • “I'd heard some of the tales about the Arctic: the mad trappers, Diamond Tooth Gertie, The Ice-Worm Cocktail and all that. So, I was prepared for things to be a little weird.”
    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler
  • “In the end there were no simple answers. No heroes or villians; only silence.”
    Charles Martin Smith - Tyler