“Reuben, Reuben” quotes

Movie Reuben, Reuben
Title Reuben, Reuben
Year 1983
Director Robert Ellis Miller
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
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Plot – Gowan is a failed poet addicted to booze and sex, who survives by attending cultural gatherings in small town America, captivating shriveled up ladies partially with his verses but more with his witty jokes and his seductive style. Disappointed by Musa and life, he records verses and jokes for the benefit of his estranged wife, who wants to write a book about him, all the while seducing the wife of the Woodstock dentist. However, one day Fate has him meet Geneva, an innocent young girl from the neighborhood, on a train. The poet falls in love and later his feelings are reciprocated. Life seems to be smiling at Gowan but then the dentist takes revenge on him by pulling out the only premolar essential for the accommodation of a bridge - thereby determining the prospect of a disastrous mouth unsuitable for a lecturer, as well as indicating premature aging - and the girl tells him she is pregnant. Geneva decisively declares that she intends to face the situation alone, and the two sadly break up. Gowan decides to hang himself in his room after having drained the umpteenth bottle. When he already has his head in the noose, a genial final couplet cheers him up and almost makes him opt ​​for the Muse rather than death; but at this point Reuben, Geneva's grandfather's big dog, breaks in festively and gives the chair where Gowan is perched the final push. Nothing more than a few verses and brilliant chatter condensed on the tape-recorder are left of Gowan.
All actors – Tom Conti, Kelly McGillis, Roberts Blossom, Joel Fabiani, Cynthia Harris, Lois Smith, E. Katherine Kerr, Rex Robbins, Kara Wilson, Jack Davidson, Damon Douglas, Robert Nichols
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