“Rocky V” quotes

Movie Rocky V
Title Rocky V
Year 1990
Director John G. Avildsen
Genre Drama, Sport
Plot – After beating the great champion Ivan Drago in Moscow, Rocky Balboa returns to America and he now has to face two major issues. Because of his serious brain injury, if he fights he will die; moreover, he has no more money, because of the misdeeds of an unscrupulous accountant. Exhausted from overdue taxes, he sells his beautiful house and returns to his native Philadelphia. There he moves into public housing with his wife Adriana and his twelve-year-old son Rocky Jr. Tommy Gun, a young and avid fan of his, asks Rocky to train him. At first Rocky resists, then gives in and the young man begins a promising career.
All actors – Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Sage Stallone, Burgess Meredith, Tommy Morrison, Richard Gant, Tony Burton, Jimmy Gambina, Delia Sheppard, Mike Sheehan, Michael Anthony Williams, Kevin Connolly, Elisebeth Peters, Hayes Swope, Nicky Blair, Jodi Letizia, Christopher Avildsen, Jonathan Avildsen, Don Sherman, Stu Nahan, Al Bernstein, James Binns, Meade Martin, Michael Buffer, Albert J. Myles, Jane Marla Robbins, Ben Geraci, Clifford C. Coleman, Lou Fillipo, Frank Cappuccino, Lauren K. Woods, Robert Seltzer, Albert S. Meltzer, J.J. Clark, Stanley R. Hochman, Elmer Smith, Henry D. Tillman, Stan Ward, Brian Phelps, Mark Thompson, Paul Cain, Kent H. Johnson, Cindy Roberts, Patrick Cronin, Helena Carroll, Tony Munafo, Bob Vasquez, Richard 'Dub' Wright, Susan Persily, Gary Compton, John Cahill, LeRoy Neiman, Michael Pataki, Jennifer Flavin, Tricia Flavin, Julie Flavin, Bob Giovane, Carol A. Ready, Katharine Margiotta, Jeff Langton, Joe Sabatino, Danny Epper, Del Weston, Mel Scott-Thomas, Billy D. Lucas, Alex Garcia, Curtis Jackson, Dale Jacoby, Clay Hodges, Richard C. Oprison, Kevin Bucceroni, John D'Martin, Rodney Frazier, Eric Hedgeman, Charles Hines, Kerry Judge, Billy D. Saunders, , Raymond Michael Bell, Robert M. Bouffard, G. Larry Butler, Jon Kuyper, Kurt Leitner, Diana Lewis, Dolph Lundgren, Troy Martin, Paul Micale, Paul Dion Monte, Ben Piazza, Kevin Rooney, Jeffrey L. Tandy, John Timmons, Gina Marie Turcketta
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