“The Big Bounce” quotes

Movie The Big Bounce
Title The Big Bounce
Year 2004
Director George Armitage
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Former thief and young carefree surfer Jack Ryan is in Hawaii to pursue his passion. To afford the stay he starts working at a construction company but soon argues with the foreman, arousing the sympathy of Judge Walter Crewes, who then offers him a job at his resort. Everything is going smoothly until the stunning blonde Nancy Hayes, lover of the local crime boss Ray Ritchie, comes into his life. Having discovered Jack's criminal past and having tested him with small break-ins, she offers him a foolproof plan to become a billionaire. However, as always, things get complicated.
All actors – Owen Wilson, Butch Helemano, Charlie Sheen, Vinnie Jones, Gregory Sporleder, Terry Ahue, Pete Johnson, Mike Renfro, Tony Dorsett, Brian L. Keaulana, Morgan Freeman, Willie Nelson
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