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3/22/12 at 5:09 AM
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  • “- Ethel Carter: Watch your language. And you watch your heart, too. You know what Dr. Springer said.
    - Big Bob Carter: Well, Dr. Springer can take his stethoscope and shove it... into his little black bag. Sideways.”

    Virginia Vincent - Ethel Carter
    Russ Grieve - Big Bob Carter
  • “- Dr. Pomatter: I want to talk to you, somewhere outside of here. Maybe we can have a coffee or something?
    - Jenna: I can't have coffee, it's on the bad food list you gave to me. What kind of doctor are you?”

    Nathan Fillion - Dr. Jim Pomatter
    Keri Russell - Jenna Hunterson
    [Tag:doctors, health]
  • “- Tiny Patient: Say, doctor, do you really think I'm gonna get better?
    - Dr. Moe Howard: I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid you are.”

    "Little Billy" Rhodes - Tiny Patient
    Moe Howard - Dr. Moe Howard
  • “- Whitmore: The doctor seems reluctant to discuss his medical experiences.
    - Dr. Hackenbush: Medically, my experiences have been most unexciting. Except during the flu epidemic.
    - Whitmore: What happened?
    - Dr. Hackenbush: I got the flu.”

    Leonard Ceeley - Whitmore
    Groucho Marx - Dr. Hackenbush
  • “- Dr. Bronson: I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your boy is very sick. He's lost a massive amount of blood, and his pulse and retinal response are poor, and as you can see there's an axe sticking out of his head.
    - Big Chuck: He's not sick, you idiot, he's dead!
    - Dr. Bronson: Oh, everybody's a doctor. You think maybe I could make the diagnosis?”

    Austin Pendleton - Dr. Bronson
    Paul Dooley - Big Chuck
    [Tag:death, doctors, health]