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12/24/13 at 7:23 AM
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  • “- Josie Hemphill: You could go to school over there at Sul Ross. Still live here. You could talk to daddy about that.
    - John Hemphill: We talked about college a few years ago. He told me all a father owes his son is room and board for 18 years. And after that, he's on his own.”

    Ashley Johnson - Josie Hemphill
    Eddie Mills - John Hemphill
    [Tag:father, school, son]
  • - Eddie: You realize your son got a D in English?
    - Rae Jones: What's that got to do with him playing ball?
    - Eddie: A lot, but your first question should have been, "Why did he get a D in English?". You need to startpaying attention to him in school or you're going to be watching him in court instead of on the court.

    Whoopi Goldberg - Eddie
    Davenia McFadden - Rae Jones
    [Tag:attention, school, son]
  • “- Jennifer 'Jenny' Morgan: I heard about your good news, congratulations, the children will finally have a mother again.
    - Vivian Berger: Oh, I wouldn't go that far, boarding schools in Switzerland are year-round you know.”

    Heidi Lenhart - Jennifer 'Jenny' Morgan
    Jane Sibbett - Vivian Berger
    [Tag:mother, school, son]
  • “- Sylvia: I thought it might be enchanting to have the bridesmaids in little jodhpurs and carrying riding crops festumed with baby's breath.
    - Lillian Brooks: That could be enchanting. In a stable.”

    Renée Taylor - Sylvia
    Lauren Bacall - Lillian Brooks
  • “- Frank Rittenhauer: I just wanna tell you, you really look dynamite today, Beverly.
    [toasts the camera]
    - Ted Reilly: Yeah, Tom, you are a lucky man. Boy, would I like to get some of that.
    - Richard: Good lord.
    - Ted Reilly: Oh, God. No. Richard, you got an edit button on that thing?
    - Richard: [backing away] It'll cost you!”

    Sean McCann - Frank Rittenhauer
    Zach Grenier - Ted Reilly
    David Spade - Richard