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11/21/15 at 5:16 PM
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  • “- Karen Kelly: That's not your decision to make. Sara appointed me her guardian.
    - Joe Kingman: I missed 8 years of Peyton's life. And I'm not gonna miss anymore. And I will fight for this.”

    Paige Turco - Karen Kelly
    The Rock - Joe Kingman
  • “- Ria Verma: I don't think you're ready for marriage.
    - Aditi Verma: I just want to settle down.
    - Ria Verma: So what do you do? Get married to some guy selected by mummy and daddy, you've barely known him for a couple of weeks!”

    Shefali Shah - Ria Verma
    Vasundhara Das - Aditi Verma
  • “- Karen Kelly: Are you saying you want Peyton to live here with you?
    - Joe Kingman: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
    - Karen Kelly: You haven't even been in her life.
    - Joe Kingman: That's not my fault. I didn't even know she existed! And we've come such a long way in a short time.”

    Paige Turco - Karen Kelly
    The Rock - Joe Kingman
  • “- Prof. Grady Tripp: James like it or not those people out there are your parents.
    - James Leer: They're not my parents.
    - Prof. Grady Tripp: What?
    - James Leer: They're my grandparents... my parents are dead.
    - Prof. Grady Tripp: James the man is obviously your father... you look just like him.
    - James Leer: There's a reason for that.”

    Tobey Maguire - James Leer
    Michael Douglas - Prof. Grady Tripp
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  • “Have you ever thought that you came from a strange or unusual family? Well, after you meet our guests, you might want to adjust your standards.”
    Rolonda Watts - Talk Show Hostess
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