• “- Tracey Verna: Well nobody ever plans to end up in Vegas. You just do. Kinda sneaks up on you. But it is the fastest growing economy in the US, the economy is booming, business is growing, I'm up to my neck in paperwork. Oh, but frankly, it's not a whole lotta fun. Are you are whole lotta fun Alex?
    - Alex Whitman: Ah, Jeff said we might have some problems with our liquor license because of new zoning?
    - Tracey Verna: Mmmm, I'll talk to the County Supervisor for you but if I were you I'd pay more attention to the ABC investigation. They're gonna ask you all kinds of personal questions. They'd like nothing more than to catch you with your pants down.”

    Beth Broderick - Tracey Verna
    Matthew Perry - Alex Whitman
Quote details Movie (Fools Rush In)

12/21/17 at 8:03 PM
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