“A Wedding” quotes

Movie A Wedding
Robert Bernard Altman directed this movie in 1978
Title A Wedding
Year 1978
Director Robert Altman
Genre Drama, Comedy
All actors – Carol Burnett, Paul Dooley, Amy Stryker, Mia Farrow, Dennis Christopher, Gerald Busby, Peggy Ann Garner, Mark R. Deming, Mary Seibel, Margaret Ladd, Lesley Rogers, Tim Thomerson
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  • “- Ruby Spar: Do you smoke?
    - Shelby Munker: No, it makes me dizzy.
    - Ruby Spar: Me too, that's why I like it.”

    Margaret Ladd - Ruby Spar
    Marta Heflin - Shelby Munker
    [Tag:drugs, smoking]
  • “You know weddings are the happiest events I could possibly dream of and yet some how when they're over it's always so sad.”
    Geraldine Chaplin - Rita Billingsley
  • “Death is a horseman. Death is a thief in the night. Death is a four letter word.”

    Viveca Lindfors - Ingrid Hellstrom
  • “Dr. Meecham as a physician you should know the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.”

    Gerald Busby - Rev. David Ruteledge
  • “- Rita Billingsley: You must have had a beautiful wedding. Did you?
    - Rosie Bean: I had a great weddin'. It wasn't anything like this. We were real poor but it was beautiful and my husband Russell looked so handsome. You know all the girls were after him, but he picked me to marry. Yea I think that was the happiest day of my life. But you're...” (continue)
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    Geraldine Chaplin - Rita Billingsley
    Lesley Rogers - Rosie Bean
    [Tag:end, husband, marriage]
  • “- Aunt Marge Spar: Again. You know I've been married four times, and never thought I was gonna do it again. At least I didn't think so.
    - Jim Habor: Well I've never been married.
    - Aunt Marge Spar: Never?
    - Jim Habor: Never. Not unless you can call being married to a lawn mower a marriage.”

    Mary Seibel - Aunt Marge Spar
    Robert Fortier - Jim Habor
    [Tag:marriage, sadness]
  • “- Dr. Jules Meecham: You mean you don't drink?
    - Rev. David Ruteledge: No.
    - Dr. Jules Meecham: In other words, when you get up in the morning that's as good as you're gonna feel all day.”

    Howard Duff - Dr. Jules Meecham
    Gerald Busby - Rev. David Ruteledge
  • “- Rosie Bean: You shouldn't put tap water on your face, cause it will dry your skin out and give you wrinkles.
    - Daphne Corelli: That's ok. I plan to age interestingly.
    - Rosie Bean: You are cute. I wish you were my sister-in-law.”

    Lesley Rogers - Rosie Bean
    Belita Moreno - Daphne Corelli
  • “- Shelby Munker: I try to do natural things. A lot of people in my family died of cancer. Bye.
    - Ruby Spar: They... they died of cancer smoking pot?”

    Marta Heflin - Shelby Munker
    Margaret Ladd - Ruby Spar
    [Tag:disease, drugs]