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Movie Congo
Title Congo
Year 1995
Director Frank Marshall
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery, Action
Plot – TRAVICOM, a telecommunications multinational leader, sends an expedition to the Virunga volcano in the heart of Africa, looking for diamonds of exceptional purity to create new types of lasers. Charles, son of the boss R.B. Travis, announces via satellite that he has found a vein, but the transmission, which has been picked up by his former girlfriend Dr. Karen Ross, ends abruptly. Travis sends Karen to Africa, where she joins the expedition of primatologist Peter Elliot who wants to take Amy, a gorilla whose language is translated into sound by a computer, back to its original environment. A Romanian self-proclaimed philanthropist, Herkermer Homolka, helps finance the expedition, which however could not take place without the money of TRAVICOM. The civil war in Zaire causes several setbacks, including the arrest and release of the two scientists and the gorilla. Once on board of an old DC3, the group must parachute into the jungle because the plane is targeted by missiles. The march, led by Monroe Kelly, is exhausting. The members of the group meet a mysterious tribe that shows Karen a dazed man, member of the previous expedition, who dies at the sight of Amy. Arriving at the destroyed camp, they discover the remains of the legendary city of Zinj and during the night the group is attacked by mysterious gray gorillas, who are kept at bay with machine guns and lasers. Next day they enter the city to discover that the ancient inhabitants bred killer apes to defend the mine, which proves to be full of diamonds, and Karen finds the body of her former boyfriend holding a huge one in his hand. The gorillas' final attack decimates the group: Homolka dies, Peter instead is saved by Amy while the gorillas are decimated by Karen thanks to the laser she activated with the diamond. The survivors leave on a balloon while the gorilla Amy is left to her native forest. Karen, disgusted by the cynical Travis, who is more worried about his new diamond laser than his son, throws the precious stone away.
All actors – Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh, Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry, Grant Heslov, Joe Don Baker, Lola Noh, Mary Ellen Trainor, Misty Rosas, Stuart Pankin, Carolyn Seymour, Romy Rosemont
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