“First Man” quotes

Movie First Man
Title First Man
Year 2018
Director Damien Chazelle
Genre Drama, History, Biography
Plot – The movie focuses on the figure of Neil Armstring between 1961 and 1969. The story recalls the sacrifices made by Armstrong and the entire Nation to carry out one of the most dangerous missions in history.
All actors – Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll, Patrick Fugit, Christopher Abbott, Ciarán Hinds, Olivia Hamilton, Pablo Schreiber, Shea Whigham, Lukas Haas, Ethan Embry, Brian d'Arcy James, Cory Michael Smith, Kris Swanberg, Gavin Warren, Luke Winters, Connor Blodgett, Lucy Stafford, J.D. Evermore, Leon Bridges, Steve Coulter, Skyler Bible, William Gregory Lee, Choppy Guillotte, Braydyn Nash Helms, Edmund Grant, Callie Brown, Claire Smith, Brady Smith, John David Whalen, Matthew Glave, Rodney J. Hobbs, Kermit Rolison, Willie Repoley, Ben Owen, Jim Stearns, James H. Williams, William G. Tomek, Helen S. Jackson, Ambrit Millhouse, Mark Armstrong, Kevin Buttimer, Dustin Lewis, Robert Hatch, Anna Chazelle, Tyner Rushing, Myra Brown, Ronald Hicks, Lawrence Jonasson, Irina Labouz, Anthony Paolucci, Philip Boyd, Stephanie Turner, Timothy Batten, Aurelien Gaya, Todd Truley, Mark Kelly, Tim Olcott, Andrea Maria Hintermaier, Jamie Anne Allman, Charles Carroll, Brian Mahoney, Donald Watkins, Tess Oakland, Michael Lee Kimel, Ryan Clay Forbes, Joshua Powell, Thomas Clay Strickland, Brad Kitchen, Tim Harper, Andrew Armstrong, Kevin Johnson, Damian Lovello, Nelson Bonilla, Andrew Stahl, Mark Kirkman, Brian David McCay, Mark Schlichting, Mark Yurgil, Andrew Buckman, Christopher Sgubin, Brian Alexander, Parker Amrani, Jonathan Baines, Chandler Barron, Fred Bobbitt, Forrest Briggs, Aaron J. Brooks, Xander Call, Jamel Chambers, Tony F. Charles, Linzy Clifton, Chris Codding, William Conway, James Dav're, Caroline Davis, Katelyn Davis, Payson Durant, Earl Will Eubank, Martin Feigen, Ronald Franco, Curtis Gammage, Delphine Giraldo, Bruce Hall, James R. Hansen, Cecil M. Henry, Maxwell Highsmith, Carl Horner, Donna Hovey, Brad Howe, Amber Hynes, Joshua Johnson, Shawn Eric Jones, Deedra Jordan, Jay D. Kacho, Jonathan Kankolenski, Aurora Karine, Grant Kersey, Demetri Landell, Elyse Ruby Lee, George Linkenback, Scott Lomas, Roy Luke, John Archer Lundgren, Tyler Maples, Alexander Maxwell, Bryce Mayfield, Perla Middleton, Garrett M Miller, Gary Miller, Timothy D. Montjoy, Tony Morgan, Adam Christopher Murray, Brad Napp, Krenar Ndreu, Bradley Newcomer, Donald K. Overstreet, Wayne Packer, Daniel Parish, Charlotte Parker, Charles Peak, Mason Pike, Greg Puckett, Melchor Rosabal, Josh Royston, Chris Russell, Nancy Sandlin, Milton Saul, James T. Schlegel, Josiah Schreiber, Margo Schroeder, James Siderits, James Michael Smith, Ethan Stormant, Doug Stroup, Eric Daniel Stumpp, Anela Terzic, Joey Thurmond, Robert Tinsley, Kent Wagner, Buddy Watkins, Benjamin Weaver, Wes Weems, Maria Z. Wilson, Jeremy Zaugg, Perry Zulu Jr.
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  • “I don't know what space exploration will uncover, but I don't think it'll be exploration just for the sake of exploration. I think it'll be more the fact that it allows us to see things. That maybe we should have seen a long time ago. But just haven't been able to until now.”
    Ryan Gosling - Neil Armstrong
    [Tag:research, science]
  • “- Deke Slayton: Why do you think space flight is important?
    - Neil Armstrong: I had a few opportunities in the X-15 to observe the atmosphere. It was so thin, such a small part of the Earth that you could barely see it at all. And when you're down here in the crowd and you look up, it looks pretty big and you don't think about it too much. But...” (continue)
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    Kyle Chandler - Deke Slayton
    Ryan Gosling - Neil Armstrong
    [Tag:belief, earth, space]
  • “- Pete Conrad: Neil, I was sorry to hear about your daughter.
    - Neil Armstrong: I'm sorry, is there a question?
    - Pete Conrad: What I... What I mean is... Do you think it'll have an effect?
    - Neil Armstrong: I think it would be unreasonable to assume that it wouldn't have some effect.”

    Ethan Embry - Pete Conrad
    Ryan Gosling - Neil Armstrong
    [Tag:grief, pain, results]
  • “- Deke Slayton: Jan, you have to trust us. We've got this under control.
    - Janet Armstrong: No, you don't. All these protocols and procedures to make it seem like you have it under control. But you're a bunch of boys making models out of balsa wood! You don't have anything under control!”

    Kyle Chandler - Deke Slayton
    Claire Foy - Janet Armstrong
  • “- Pat White: I've got a sorority sister with a normal life.
    - Janet Armstrong: Yeah?
    - Pat White: She married a dentist.
    - Janet Armstrong: A dentist? Sounds good.
    - Pat White: He's home by six every night. And every few months she calls to say she wishes he weren't.”

    Olivia Hamilton - Pat White
    Claire Foy - Janet Armstrong
  • “- Older Rick Armstrong: Do you think you're coming back?
    - Neil Armstrong: We have real confidence in the mission, and there are some risks, but we have every intention of coming back.
    - Older Rick Armstrong: But you might not?”

    Luke Winters - Older Rick Armstrong
    Ryan Gosling - Neil Armstrong
    [Tag:danger, return, risk]
  • “Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know there is no hope for their recovery. They will be mourned by their families; they will be mourned by a Mother Earth that dared send two of her sons into the unknown... Others will...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Ciarán Hinds - Bob Gilruth
    [Tag:death, earth, moon, travel]