“Experimenter” quotes

Movie Experimenter
Title Experimenter
Year 2015
Director Michael Almereyda
Genre Drama, History, Biography
Plot – In 1961, the social psychologist Stanley Milgram conducts a series of controversial behavioral experiments at Yale University. The tests involve common people, who are asked to send an electric shock of progressive intensity to a person tied to a chair in another room. The purpose of the experiment is to understand how authority conditions humans. One day Milgram meets Sasha, a former dancer who lives in New York. He begins to woo her and takes her to visit his laboratory at Yale, where experiments have meanwhile produced shocking results.
All actors – John Palladino, Anthony Edwards, Jim Gaffigan, Peter Sarsgaard, Harley Ware, Winona Ryder, Jason Black, Kyla Haggerty, Danny A. Abeckaser, John Leguizamo, Donnie Keshawarz, Minnie
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