“Flower Drum Song” quotes

Movie Flower Drum Song
Henry Koster directed this movie in 1961
Title Flower Drum Song
Year 1961
Director Henry Koster
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – A beautiful Chinese girl arrives in San Francisco to meet the man who was assigned to her by her parents. The boy, though, is already in love with a dancer. The Chinese girl, who is staying in a hotel, meets a young guest and falls in love with him. In the end, everyone will marry the person they love.
All actors – Nancy Kwan, James Shigeta, Benson Fong, Jack Soo, Juanita Hall, Reiko Sato, Patrick Adiarte, Kam Tong, Victor Sen Yung, Soo Yong, Ching Wah Lee, James Hong, Miyoshi Umeki, , B.J. Baker, Henry Beau, Herman Belmonte, Paul Bradley, George Bruggeman, Eugene Chan, Mary Chan, Spencer Chan, David Chow, Tai Wai Chow, Jane Chung, John Dodson, Harold Fong, Jon Fong, H.W. Gim, Virginia Grey, Marilyn Horne, Shep Houghton, Nancy Hsueh, Hideo Inamura, Michael Jeffers, Finis Jhung, Keiko Kamitsuka, Paul King, Robert Kino, Frank Kumagai, Cherylene Lee, Esther Ying Lee, Guy Lee, Virginia Ann Lee, Willard Lee, Weaver Levy, Caryl Lincoln, Tiko Ling, Laurette Luez, Hans Moebus, Alice Nishimura, Ron Nyman, Jack Perrin, Murray Pollack, Beulah Quo, Frank Radcliffe, Ward Ramsey, Tony Regan, Mitchell Rhein, Herman Rudin, Jerry Rush, Jeffrey Sayre, James Shen, Robin Shimatsu, Gerald Shimaza, Arthur Song, Owen Song, Willie Soo Hoo, Paul Sorensen, Norman Stevans, Pat Sui, Teruko Suzuki, Joan Swift, Paul Togawa, David Toguri, Irene Tsu, Edwin Tuttle, Beal Wong, William Yip
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