“Hitchcock” quotes

Plot – Alfred Hitchcock, master of suspense and extraordinary film icon known for having created some of the most frightening and intriguing sequences ever to appear on the big screen, had a secret. He had a long and intense love story with a strong and determined woman, his wife and his professional collaborator, Alma Reville. The film sheds light on their fascinating and complex relationship. It does so through the story of their most courageous cinematic adventure: the filming of the disturbing thriller 'Psycho', which would be considered the most controversial film of the famous director as well as his greatest success. At the end of this tumultuous and incredible production, a work born of their love and their professional union, nothing in the film industry would ever be the same.
All actors – Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Huston, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Michael Wincott, Jessica Biel, James D'Arcy, Richard Portnow, Kurtwood Smith, Ralph Macchio
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