“Kalifornia” quotes

Movie Kalifornia
Title Kalifornia
Year 1993
Director Dominic Sena
Genre Crime, Thriller
Plot – Brian plans to write a book about serial killers, while Carrie isn’t successful with her photographs. They decide to go to California and they write an advertisement, looking for travel buddies. Early and Adele answer to it, but Early is a serial killer who transforms Brian and Carrie’s travel into a nightmare, which ends in a dismissed nuclear firing range.
All actors – Brad Pitt, Kathy Larson, David Milford, David Duchovny, John Zarchen, David Rose, Michelle Forbes, Tommy Chappelle, Juliette Lewis, Judson Vaughn, James Michael McDougal, Patricia Sill, Brett Rice, Marisa Raper, Bill Crabb, Mary Ann Hagan, Jerry G. White, Sarah Sullivan, Eric Stenson, Mars Callahan, Patricia Hunte, Loanne Bishop, Ron Kuhlman, Sierra Pecheur, John Dullaghan, David Feigenbaum, Tom Hand, Shelby Hofer, Patricia Tallman
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