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Movie Fame
Title Fame
Year 1980
Director Alan Parker
Genre Drama, Musical, Music
Plot – Some New York 'High School of Performing Arts' students are followed during a year of intensive study: auditions and lectures intertwine to loves, disappointments and hopes of those who dream a place in the showbiz. The movie is a sort of musical comedy and has almost a documentary trend in the first part, while in the second one there are more spectacular scenes. The story is largely expected but the protagonists' personal lives and education are well directed.
All actors – Eddie Barth, Irene Cara, Lee Curreri, Laura Dean, Antonia Franceschi, Boyd Gaines, Albert Hague, Tresa Hughes, Steve Inwood, Paul McCrane, Anne Meara, Joanna Merlin
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  • “Maybe I die undiscovered and my ghost gets the Grammy.”
    Lee Curreri - Bruno
    [Tag:ghosts, winning]
  • “There are 50,000 people walking around calling themselves actors and maybe 500 are making a living at it. Most of those do commercials to pay the rent. The rest wait tables, clean other people's apartments, living on welfare and hope.”
    Jim Moody - Farrell
    [Tag:actors, job, living]
  • “It's funny, gay used to mean such a happy kind of a word, once.”
    Paul McCrane - Montgomery
  • - Drama Teacher: What are you going to do?
    - Sheila: I'm doing "The Towering Inferno".
    - Drama Teacher: What?
    - Sheila: You know, the movie.

    [Tag:acting, movie]
  • “- Coco: You know what they say? The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.
    - Hilary: Yes, but who wants diabetes?”

    Irene Cara - Coco
    Antonia Franceschi - Hilary
  • “- Mrs. Sherwood: Speak English.
    - Leroy: I speak like I likes.
    - Mrs. Sherwood: This is my home room. You'll speak as I like. I teach English. Now, if that's a foreign language, you're going to learn it.”

    Anne Meara - Mrs. Sherwood
    Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy
  • “- Mrs. Finsecker: Barbra Streisand didn't change her name.
    - Doris: I don't want to talk about it any more!
    - Mrs. Finsecker: Well, I'll call you Doris, like I always have.
    - Doris: Well, I won't answer!
    - Mrs. Finsecker: It's a perfectly good name!
    - Doris: Yeah, for a perfectly good person. A skinny, boring, nondescript, perfectly good person.”

    Tresa Hughes - Mrs. Finsecker
    Maureen Teefy - Doris
    [Tag:actors, goodness, name]
  • “Dance is the hardest department in the school.”
    Joanna Merlin - Miss Berg
  • “Where I come from, it don't pay to read and speak white!”
    Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy
  • “François Lafete must have total control of the creative product - like, eh, Godard. Jean-Luc Godard. Did you ever hear of that guy?”
    Steve Inwood - François Lafete
  • “This is no Mickey Mouse school. You're not getting off easy. Because you're talented, you'll work twice as hard. Now, I don't care how well you dance or how many colored tutus you have. If you don't give your academic subjects equal time, you're out.”
    Anne Meara - Mrs. Sherwood
  • “Graduating from PA is no Academy Award, if you know what I mean. Look, it is better than real school. Like, it's free and you don't get raped in the hallways; but, it's still small change.”
    Irene Cara - Coco
  • “I'm always worried maybe people aren't going to like me when I go to a party. Isn't that crazy?”
    Paul McCrane - Montgomery
    [Tag:curiosity, like]
  • “- Lisa: I love your coat. I saw that in Bendel's window
    - Hilary: My stepmother bought it for me.
    - Lisa: Really? I wouldn't mind that kind of step mother.
    - Hilary: She didn't do it for me. She wants my father to think she cares. Besides, she loves shopping. She gets multiple orgasms every time she buys something.”

    Laura Dean - Lisa
    Antonia Franceschi - Hilary
  • “I hate Ralph Garci! I must remember this feeling and use it in my acting!”
    Maureen Teefy - Doris
    [Tag:acting, hatred]
  • - Montgomery: "A pie in the face comes with the job". That's what my mom says; she should know.
    - Doris: I don't get it.
    - Montgomery: A real artist must never be afraid of what other people are gonna say about him.

    Paul McCrane - Montgomery
    Maureen Teefy - Doris
    [Tag:artist, opinions]
  • “Some performers can make love to the camera. I mean, Garbo did. Monroe did.”
    Steve Inwood - François Lafete
    [Tag:actors, talent]
  • “- François Lafete: So, you like art movies, huh, Coco?
    - Coco: Oh, Antonioni and those people? Sure.”

    Steve Inwood - François Lafete
    Irene Cara - Coco
    [Tag:curiosity, movie]
  • “Never being happy isn't the same as being unhappy. Is it?”
    Paul McCrane - Montgomery
  • “- Shorofsky: One man is not an orchestra.
    - Bruno: Who needs orchestras? You can do it all with a keyboard, an amp and enough power.
    - Shorofsky: You going to play all by yourself?
    - Bruno: You don't need anybody else.
    - Shorofsky: That's not music, Martelli. That's masturbation.”

    Albert Hague - Shorofsky
    Lee Curreri - Bruno
  • “- Mrs. Sherwood: These couple of pages I have are unintelligible.
    - Leroy: Its a secret language, all right? It isn't meant for whiteys to understand!”

    Anne Meara - Mrs. Sherwood
    Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy
  • “- Farrell: Diction! Watch your diction, Ralph. You're slurring your words.
    - Ralph: What? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Marlon Brando slurred his words, you know. Montgomery Cliff slurred his words. James Dean slurred his words. They were the greatest actors in the whole world and nobody could understand a word they said.”

    Jim Moody - Farrell
    Barry Miller - Ralph
  • “Less lip, Monroe, more sweat!”
    Joanna Merlin - Miss Berg
  • “- Hilary: Son derriere noir... c'est formidable!
    - Lisa: Wow, I love your accent. What did you say?
    - Hilary: I'll dig his black ass.”

    Antonia Franceschi - Hilary
    Laura Dean - Lisa
    [Tag:body, excitement]
  • “Acting is the hardest profession in the world.”
    Jim Moody - Farrell
    [Tag:acting, job]