“Shock Treatment” quotes

Movie Shock Treatment
Title Shock Treatment
Year 1981
Director Jim Sharman
Genre Comedy, Musical
Plot – The bizarre story takes place in Denton, an imaginary town in the United States, where everything is dominated by TV and life goes on in a large television studio, where viewers are manipulated by powerful Farley Flavors, a fast-food mogul. The main characters are a young couple, Janet and Brad. Janet falls in love with powerful, elegant Farley Flavors. Both Janet and Brad are persuaded to be on the TV show "Marriage Maze”. The presenter, a blind man, convinces the rather clumsy husband Brad to seek treatment in a psychiatric clinic directed by two mad scientists: Cosmo and Nation, faithful executors of Farley Flavors' orders. Brad ends up in a straitjacket, locked in a cage and dazed by drugs. Janet becomes obsessed with the TV shows, turns into a wild cynical man-eating rock star and completely forgets Brad. It seems that Flavors can easily conquer Janet, but his shady enterprises are revealed, Brad is freed from the straitjacket and returns to Janet.
All actors – Jessica Harper, Cliff De Young, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Charles Gray, Ruby Wax, Nell Campbell, Rik Mayall, Barry Humphries, Darlene Johnson, Manning Redwood, Wendy Raebeck
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  • “A man must know the right occasion to indulge in tax evasion.”
    Manning Redwood - Harry Weiss
    [Tag:crime, fraud, taxes]
  • “- Emily Weiss: Thank God he was born an orphan. It would have killed his parents. And thank goodness he didn't end up like that Slibstrini boy.
    - Harry Weiss: What are you talking about? Danny Slibstrini's a chip of the old block. Why, I played 18 holes of golf with his father just last week and Hank says that Danny's moved to New York to better...” (continue)
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    Darlene Johnson - Emily Weiss
    Manning Redwood - Harry Weiss
  • “We lost our mom, we lost our dad, and if I'm losin' you well, that's... too bad!”

    Cliff De Young - Brad Majors
    [Tag:father, loss, mother]
  • “Every since I was a little boy, dressing up has always been my greatest joy. But when it's time to be discreet, there's one thing you just can't beat and that's a strapless, backless classical little black dress.”

    Richard O'Brien - Dr. Cosmo McKinley
    [Tag:clothes, joy]
  • “I can't stand it! Everything good always happens to other people!”

    Betsy Brantley - Neely Pritt
  • “Isn't that Brad and Janet Majors sitting in the audience there? What an ideal couple they are. More than anyone else in Denton, they represent the old values. Ike would have been proud of them.”
    Charles Gray - Judge Oliver Wright
  • “Alimony is just another word for rape.”
    Ruby Wax - Betty Hapschatt
    [Tag:divorce, rape]
  • “I need some young blood, I need some young blood. I need it now!”
    Jessica Harper - Janet Majors
    [Tag:blood, need, youth]
  • “Macy Struthers with my husband. God, I must have been blind! Still, the weaker the man, the dumber the blonde.”
    Ruby Wax - Betty Hapschatt
  • “- Dr. Cosmo McKinley: Romance is not a children's game.
    - Dr. Nation McKinley: But you keep going back; it's driving you insane.”

    Richard O'Brien - Dr. Cosmo McKinley
    Patricia Quinn - Dr. Nation McKinley
    [Tag:game, love]
  • “You're a dead-end, dead-beat, nowhere mister with a kisser like a Mississippi alligator's sister!”

    Cliff De Young - Brad Majors
  • “- Betty Hapschatt: Look at that, Bert Schnik's dancing! Bert can see!
    - Judge Oliver Wright: Macabre, isn't it? The blind leading the blind.”

    Ruby Wax - Betty Hapschatt
    Charles Gray - Judge Oliver Wright