“Spookies” quotes

Movie Spookies
Title Spookies
Year 1986
Directors Genie Joseph, Thomas Doran, Brendan Faulkner
Genre Comedy, Horror
All actors – Felix Ward, Maria Pechukas, Dan Scott, Alec Nemser, A.J. Lowenthal, Pat Wesley Bryan, Peter Dain, Nick Gionta, Lisa Friede, Joan Ellen Delaney, Peter Iasillo Jr., Kim Merrill
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  • “- Kreon: Are you ready to kill?
    - Korda: Yes, father!
    - Kreon: Any man with a weapon, can commit murder, but it's such a waste. A sorceror's son, must learn to use the power of death, to control the force of life. This, is the source of our power.”

    Felix Ward - Kreon
    A.J. Lowenthal - Korda
    [Tag:magic, murder, power]
  • - Carol: You don't "play", the ouija board is a tool for communication.
    - Dave: Communication with who?
    - Carol: The dead.
    - Adrienne: The dead? But they're dead!
    - Carol: Dying isn't the end, it's a beginning.

    Lisa Friede - Carol
    Anthony Valbiro - Dave
    Charlotte Alexandra - Adrienne
  • “At last... for seventy years I have waited. I have sacrificed the youth of so many, so that you might live. And yet, I would trade all my powers, for some way to make you see how helplessly I love you, that I even kill so that you might live. What a cruel joke. My power is nothing compared to the power your beauty has over me. I am your prisoner...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Felix Ward - Kreon
  • “This time, we must play the game perfectly. When all of the pawns have been sacrificed, we will win our queen back again.”
    Felix Ward - Kreon
  • “- Isabelle: I poisoned myself once before and I'll do it again, or find another way.
    - Kreon: Haven't you learned that my will to have you is greater than your will to die?
    - Isabelle: Even if you keep me prisoner for another seventy years you'll never have me!
    - Kreon: But I do have you. I control your past, your present, and your future......” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Maria Pechukas - Isabelle
    Felix Ward - Kreon
  • “Look at me: I'm Duke, the horny ghost.”
    Nick Gionta - Duke
    [Tag:ghosts, sex]
  • “My darling Isabelle, I can wait no longer. The final foolish victims, will be here very soon. And then, once again, we shall be together for all time...”

    Felix Ward - Kreon
  • “- Billy: I have plans, big plans.
    - Drifter: Surekid, every one has big plans.”

    Alec Nemser - Billy
    Pat Wesley Bryan - Drifter
  • “My victims, walk in the land of the dead. They are all my children, and I am their ultimate lord...”
    Felix Ward - Kreon
    [Tag:death, victims]
  • “- Linda: Aren't you supposed to ask it questions?
    - Carol: Some poor soul or souls are supposed to inhabit each board. They're duty-bound to answer any question put to it. The dead have never left us, their world exists all around us, through this board, the dead can reach out to us...”

    Joan Ellen Delaney - Linda
    Lisa Friede - Carol